Home insurance is extremely important to protect you and your family. If you fall victim to a disaster that destroys your home, or if you are the victim of a burglary that leaves you missing some of your most valuable possessions, you need to know that you have financial security to fall back on.

The purpose of home insurance is to protect you against these kinds of catastrophes. However, it is estimated that up to 25% of households are uninsured. Don’t be one of those people who waits until it is too late to protect themselves; act now, before disaster strikes.

Your house is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, and it makes sense to protect that investment against the risk of it being damaged or even destroyed by fire, flooding, or a natural disaster.

In addition, you probably store a great number of valuable possessions inside your house. As many as 1 in 3 people have the unpleasant experience of being burgled at least once during their lifetime. Although house contents insurance can’t bring back your treasured possessions, it can at least provide you with enough money to replace them.

Shop Around

Home InsuranceWhen shopping for home insurance quotes, it is important to shop around to find the best deal. In addition, you need to consider your individual needs. Some insurers refuse to cover certain types of houses – for example, some companies consider thatched cottages to be too big a fire risk and are unwilling to provide cover for them.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding you may also have difficulty in finding insurance. In these cases you will need to search for insurers who explicitly state that they cover these kinds of high-risk properties. In any case, you will need to read the fine print of your chosen insurance policy carefully to make sure that there are no special circumstances that would exclude your home from being covered by the policy.

There is nothing worse than paying out for an insurance policy for years, and then discovering that it is not valid when you need to make a claim.

Stick to the Rules

Once you have house contents insurance, you need to make sure that you abide by the rules of your policy in case you need to make a claim. Always do whatever you can do minimize the risk of fire or burglary, such as installing a smoke alarm (and checking the batteries regularly), using a burglar alarm, and always locking doors and windows when you leave the house.

If you take these reasonable precautions, you should have no difficulties in claiming on your house contents insurance if the worst does happen.

If you are skeptical about the need for home insurance, because you think it is unlikely that you would need to make a claim, look for a policy which offers a no claims discount. That way, if you do not use the policy to make a claim, you can recoup some of the money that you have spent on it. Whatever you do, do not leave your home or its contents uninsured, as you never know when disaster will strike.

This is a guest post by Nicola Winters on behalf of Liverpool Victoria, a building insurance provider.