Improvements to any room of the house need to be both durable in the long-term and aesthetically pleasing, which inevitably means they can be costly as well. This is especially true when it comes to the bathroom, as installing new fittings and bringing in plumbers doesn’t come cheap.

However, there are plenty of ways in which you can revamp your bathroom without pulling everything out and starting from scratch – and without breaking the bank too.

Just a few subtle alterations and cosmetic changes can make the room feel brand new and fresh, so why not take a look at what improvements you can make on a tight budget?

Buy a New Bathroom Floor

English: Bathroom Refacing

English: Bathroom Refacing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps one of the most obvious features of a bathroom is the floor, so changing this can a long way towards enhancing and altering its ambience. There are plenty of options available that might be suitable, such as vinyl (which is very cheap) and laminate flooring, which is a cost-effective alternative to solid wood floors and can be a practical and visually appealing choice. Once you’ve laid down a new floor, why not add a new bathroom rug to complement it and further change the look of your bathroom?

Update Bathroom Features

Ripping out all the fixtures and fittings is a drastic step if you want to alter the look of your bathroom, as simply replacing a few individual features can be enough to change it. For instance, replacing your wallpaper with tiles, or even just painting the walls a different colour, can make a person feel as if they have a whole new room.

Similarly, if your bathroom cabinets are starting to show signs of their age, why not pull them out and get them replaced? You can find plenty of good deals on bathroom cabinets, or maybe even treat your existing ones to a new lick of paint, perhaps with some attractive and creative designs.

Bathroom taps can also start to look past their best, which isn’t surprising if they’re being used every single day year after year. So, consider replacing them with new ones. It’s a subtle but effective way of making a bathroom look a bit more modern and vibrant.

Revamp the Shower Area

Installing a new bath can be very expensive, but don’t forget it doesn’t cost so much to revamp the shower area. Shower curtains, for instance, don’t last forever and can easily get mouldy, so replacing them periodically can be a good idea. This gives you the perfect reason to refresh the appearance of your bathroom every few months, in a way that is highly affordable and gives you a chance to express yourself and your personality.

If limescale is starting to build up on your showerhead, why not get a new one? It’s not a massive visual change, but it’s certainly an improvement if it means water isn’t getting blocked when you’re trying to have a shower.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Cleaning the house may not be much fun, but it’s a really good way of keeping on top of any problems and preventing issues as grime and limescale. Since hygiene is vital in the bathroom, the importance of regular cleaning can’t be understated – and, of course, it makes a big visual difference. A gleaming, sparkling bathroom is sure to come across better than a dirty, tired one, and will stay looking fresh and fit for purpose.

None of these ideas are prohibitively expensive, yet they can all make a big difference and keep your bathroom as a functional yet attractive space for years to come.