If you’re happy now that the recession is over and things are slowly improving, why not improve everything else too! It’s a great time for revitalising the home decor to mix things up a bit and fulfil that creative potential that may have been stifled a little due to tight finances.

With a little know-how and elbow grease, there are many directions you can take with your home decor to create amazing spaces that cater to your particular tastes and personality…


VintageRetro, shabby chic. However you want to label it, vintage design is very popular right now and with good reason. It just looks simple, stylish and very quirky. Embrace vintage and incorporate classic designs with a retro aesthetic. This could mean lots of wood-based furniture and picture frames for example.


blackBlack is one of those colours that never goes out of style, regardless of home decor or personal fashion.

Black panelling and cladding are great ideas, with painted plywood panels being very flexible in design terms. Done right, black can enhance a room greatly without making the space seem smaller.


rusticThe country rustic look is really nice, tasteful and simple to pull off. Using the right hardwoods and mouldings, you can be as flexible as you want. Everything can be designed in a country style; cupboards, chairs, tables etc. Even the staircase can go down the rustic route.

Man (or Woman!) Space

man-spaceAs lots of people prefer to stay at home now, there’s a need for keeping the mind active and entertained. Self designed sanctuaries are something that can be a great DIY project. Men for example, might want to create bars, game spaces and relaxation areas . Throw in a few beanbags for group gaming sessions and you’ve got your very own castle within your castle.


An irregular room stands out. From a design point of view, this is a good thing if done right. Mismatched furniture and decorations look really impressive and highly unique. Bashing together woods, fabrics, plastics, metal and glass is really an experiment. Have a try and see what eventually ‘clicks’ with your own personal tastes.


indoor-outdoorOne of the most interesting things outdoor and indoor design is becoming more integrated now. Decking and cladding are going to be really popular, especially over the spring/summer months. Lots of nice garden furniture, wood burners and the like will add a bit of sparkle to your back garden.