You may not think that heavy lighting usage is bad until you get the energy bill. Once you see the savings that people receive on energy efficient lights, you realize why these devices are becoming more popular. The work requires more than switching a few incandescent light bulbs, though.

You must reinvent the entire way that you look at lighting and energy efficiency at home.

There are several major ways to improve the efficiency of the lights that you use at home.

Why you need lighting efficiency

light_efficiencyTo make the best of your money and energy usage, you need a plan for lighting efficiency that makes sense. Looking at the labels on your light fixtures is only part of the equation. When you buy a lighting product, check the energy efficiency and luminous efficacy rating that indicates how well it emits light.

However, buying energy-efficiency lights is not the only solution. You have to follow a few crucial steps to improve the way that you use light. As a result, save money on energy bills that have been unpredictable for previous years. This year, have better control over the figures that appear on your bills. By switching incandescent light bulbs with LED ones, you save a few thousand dollars every year. This benefit is particularly good for business. When a company cuts costs, the owner has more money to spend on important departments like marketing or human resources. There is no need to stress over utility bills. It is more important to reduce the bills and save money for bigger plans.

There is a significant environmental impact when you invest in energy efficiency. You save the environment from being stripped of its vital natural resources. Like any other product, it takes a lot of time, money and effort to make light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs need to be replaced more often than fluorescent and LED bulbs. Therefore, since more incandescent fixtures are being thrown into the trash, you should reconsider using so many of them. When you use efficient lights only, you prevent manufacturers from tossing out products that overflow a landfill.

Also, you prevent the excessive pollution of the air and water in the environment. Everyone knows that manufacturing is complicated and dangerous, so it is good to reduce the need for it whenever possible. Prevent the manufacturers from having to create products at all. They should become less likely to use materials that release hazardous toxins and particles into the earth.

There are all kinds of reasons why it is important to pay attention to light efficiency. The task of changing the way that you use lights is not difficult either. Once you make that new installation, see the benefits immediately or within minutes. Learn about the many different ways to maintain the optimal efficiency of your energy and lighting usage.

Different ways to improve your home lighting efficiency

Install a variety of fixtures

Led_LightsYou may already know that lights are divided into categories based on several factors: size, design, brightness and energy efficiency. Not all light fixtures have the same pros and cons.No one type of lighting is perfect because several advantages and disadvantages are attached to each one. So, it is ideal to mix and match the different fixtures that are available.

First, strongly consider using LED lights that are the most energy efficient and longest lasting ones around. These lights use very few watts per unit, which reduces the amount of energy needed. When less energy is needed, less pollution and fewer greenhouse gas emissions are released. The second most energy efficient type is fluorescent lighting. These lights use an average of 15 watts per unit. Halogen and incandescent lights are the traditional ones that are the least efficient at 60 watts.

If you want to change the scenery often, it may be better to use incandescent lights that must be changed often. If you do not want to replace light bulbs too much, buy LED ones that last almost forever. You no longer have to worry about making countless replacements.

Also, LEDs come in the largest range of sizes and colors. You can use them for Christmas and holiday lights that change the entire scenery. Color temperature is another issue that you should not be too concerned about. You should not know the exact color temperature to choose for a particular room. However, know that lights come in warm and cool colors. Warm colors include, red, orange, gold and yellow, while cool colors include white and blue.

LED lights use little energy, so they emit much less heat than the incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. In fact, an incandescent light emits most of its energy as useless heat. Excessively hot light fixtures are bothersome for many home users. They need bulbs that are not fire hazards or too dangerous to handle.

Incandescent, fluorescent and LED lights are made with varying lifespans. LED lights are known to work for as many as 50,000 hours before fading out gradually. Many lights burn even longer than average. This number is much higher than the 8,000 average hours of life for fluorescent lights and the 750 hours of life for incandescent ones. If you do not plan to use the lights often, you can invest in plenty of incandescent fixtures. Even so, many people are switching to LEDs because of the extreme efficiency.There are different fixtures that are suited for different lighting tasks. For overhead lighting, the main choices are incandescent and fluorescent lights. For spotlight and task lighting, the best choice is LED lighting since it is directional. For accent lighting, the non-LED lighting is better because it points in all different directions.

Emergency lights can be used in very large homes that require large amounts of energy usage. Usually, these lights are found in commercial and industrial buildings like stores, warehouses and factories.There are some emergency lamps that can be included in the indoor or outdoor home security system. The average emergency light comes with a backup battery source to create power and a ballast to conserve power.

There are stores that specialize in selling only emergency light bulbs and fixtures made in different colors, shapes and sizes. These products usually vary by the level of energy efficiency with LED lights being the most energy efficient and incandescent lights being the least efficient. So, whether you live in a townhome or sprawling estate, know that no house should be left unattended in the dark. You must look at all of your lighting options, which include emergency ones.

Incorporate the use of a dimmer

dimmerTo change the mood of the room and the depth of shadows, use a dimming switch. You can place the dimmer on a lamp or overhead fixture. You can buy a wide range of types at the store and handle the installation yourself. There are devices made with knobs, buttons, sliders or control panels.

A dimmer is made to darken or brighten a room based on your specifications. The dimmer controls the current without affecting the voltage. This device is made to work with incandescent fixtures, but it can be used with LED and fluorescent fixtures, too.

Consider several factors that help you choose the right dimmer. You need to know where to install the dimmer and what effects you want to create. Choose the room where you want to have total control over the light intensity. Place the dimmer by the door to avoid being overwhelmed by light once you enter the door.

You can even control how light hits different areas of the room.As you control a party, have bright light in the kitchen as you have dimmer light in the living room. Dim or brighten the lights whenever you please with the controls of a dimming switch.

Include natural lights

It does not make much sense to focus solely on lighting a room artificially when you can do it naturally. Include natural day lighting that reduces the amount of electricity that circulates throughout the walls. Create a home design that incorporates natural light sources like windows and skylights.

Obviously, the sun is the best source of light. If you cannot install windows into the house, you can place mirrors on the walls. A mirror reflects light that bounces around the room to make it brighter. Also, candle lighting is not completely artificially and not completely natural, so it is another good choice. If you love color, think about only using light colors, furniture and other items in the room. Paint the walls white to promote the maximum amount of brightness in the room.

Humans have prospered for thousands of years before artificial lights were invented, so there are always good natural sources available. Natural lighting is free and the easiest form of light to obtain as well. Think about nature before you invest in products found at the store.

Time your lighting sessions

Everyone has left on a light switch after leaving a room.If this problem gets out of control, you can monitor your energy usage. Buy timers and sensors that turn the lights on and off automatically. Choose between daylight or occupancy sensors that handle your lighting sessions. The daylight sensors work based on the amount of daylight that enters the area. The occupancy sensors detect when someone walks in and out of a room. Both of these sensors work to reduce the electricity that is wasted during the day.

Use a control panel for your lights

light_control_panelIf you need a completely integrated solution to lighting, invest in a control panel. This centralized system allows you to control some or all of the lights in the house. Create a schedule that works at different times of the day. Right after it goes dark, have your patio lights turn on automatically.

The control panel system is good for maintaining the security and energy conservation needs of the house. You can also use a central control unit that gives you total control over the standard and emergency lights in a building. You can integrate this control panel with an alarm system that goes off in case of a fire or burglary. Include timers, sensors, dimmers, fans and natural light sources for the best and most complete results.

Nowadays, you can combine the use of a computer with the use of a lighting control panel. Have total surveillance over your home to prevent thefts and other strange activities. Look on the computer to watch your property from day to night. You can even record and video that can be accessed later. Be able to monitor all of the illumination activities that occur at home.

Consider the direction of the sun

You must consider the position of the sun if you need good lighting. Consider the climate and normal orientation of the sun, preferably before you buy a house or install any window. You want to collect as much sunlight as possible, even during the winter. In northern climates, it is good to build windows that face the south.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances

You may not have thought about it, but you can make your lights work better by using only energy-efficient appliances. Install appliances that conserve energy as possible so that you have more power for your light fixtures. Look for Energy Star labels that indicate the amount of energy that is used. When you conserve power, you are able to buy and use more light fixtures.

Do your part to improve your usage of light and energy

With the large variety of eco-friendly lights available, there is no reason why you should avoid responsibility for your lights. Do not buy lights before looking at the energy rating labels. Do not renovate a home without considering the design of your light systems. When you throw out lights, recycle the fixtures in the right bins. It takes a lot of work to modify your home, but it is worth it to make the most of your lights.