Cork, a common bulletin board material

Cork, a common bulletin board material (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people may have once heard the word bulletin board or pin board but the fact remains that cork boards are a common commodity used in many places in everyday life. Most households may have a pin board hanging in their kitchens, in the walk in laundry room or on the door for everyday planning.

If might feel like modern technology makes the cork board obsolete, due to the convenience of smart phones and tablets but fabric and cork pin boards still prove there worth in the home, the office, at schools, and various other places where people need to visually see everyday reminders or important information.

If you think about it, many people who want organization and focus at least once in there life have decided to sit and write simple reminders for the day, things for everyone to look forward to are personal goals that you look forward to accomplish in the future.

And for years fabric and cork pin boards have been an ideal place to keep these reminders than an area you will most likely see every day, constantly keeping you thinking about your goals and plans.

Standing apart from other options, this is were pin boards out shine the competition. Many times people like to be reminded about things that they plan to do or a really busy day may throw you off track and putting in effort to check a cell phone or logging into your email may not be things you feel like doing, but when you make your way to the refrigerator or stairing in the blank space at your desk, pin boards are there to remind you and possibly lift you up.

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Great for children!

For those with children, pin boards are a great way to teach children to plan out there goals and plan out there days, which will help with organization in the long run for things like college and work. Children will fine that pin boards are a great place to post art and other memorable pictures.

They also are able assist children with keep up with studying, knowing which topic to focus on more or next for school. Pin boards would be like having a reminder of academic progress, as they can pin good or bad test scores, and various other motivational items to make them want to improve or continue striving for the best. There is no limit to what you can do with a pin board, as its up to your imagination.

You can even be creative with fabric and cork boards by pinning your plans out step by step and removing each reminder until you reach your final goal, it’s something you may look forward to everyday.

Pin reminders & mementos in style

Fabric pin boards are way to show your mementos, reminders and miscellaneous notes in a stylish way that pops visually. Many fabric pin boards are great photo boards, visual home office reminder boards and can be an important asset to children.

Great for showcasing memorable moments

Using a fabric pin board for photos to show your most memorable moments or postcards and also keeping them in better shape then they would be if crammed in a box and they’ll be seen even when you don’t feel like logging on to a social media site.

If you don’t wanna see the same cork board every day and can’t stand the blue and gray sticky tack that may leave residue on your walls, then a colorful fabric pin board may be the right choice for you. Fabric pin boards are considered by many an appealing and practical home accessory, as they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes to meet your home or business decor tastes.

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Don’t be afraid to get creative!

For all you creative folks out there, don’t abandon the pin-board! If used in a creative fashion, you can enjoy theĀ benefitsĀ of organization while maintaining your overall home decor style throughout your room, business, or church.