Bathrooms are no longer merely the convenient spaces they once were. On the contrary, the modern bathroom is a place of luxury and comfort, with all available conveniences close at hand.

Bathrooms have become subject to trends just as have bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens; bathrooms are regularly made the subject of design magazines and showcases, and the subject of celebrity bathrooms is a hot topic in its own right.

Interior design trends tend to outlive fashion trends, simply because of the cost involved in remodelling a bathroom, kitchen or other home space. Because people in general couldn’t afford to redesign their home annually, interior design trends tend to consist of relatively durable designs and styles which can be incorporated into a home and stay looking fresh and relevant for many years. Nevertheless, if your bathroom is in need of a style update it’s worth checking out the very latest interior design trends to find out what’s hot and what’s not right now.

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Bathroom Trends 2013

There is a growing idea that a bathroom should be more than just a utilitarian space. Instead, a bathroom should be a place in which one wants to spend time and enjoys doing so. Bathroom trends 2013 reflect this, incorporating elements of traditional interior design – colour, patterns and textures, for example – with more modern elements such as technology, seamless appliances and innovative space saving solutions for all bathrooms, large and small.

Bathroom Technology

Taking a bath can be an experience for all the senses with integrated technology and chroma-therapeutic designs. Showers fitted with LED light systems can soothe the senses in a variety of different ways, and baths which feature remote amplified sound systems allow you to enjoy your music without ever leaving the tub.

Technology can be incorporated in other ways in your bathroom, from hand free faucets to low flow toilets and smart shower heads which deliver the feeling of a standard shower at a lower flow for improved ecological awareness.

Maximise Your Bathroom Space

Getting ready in the morning can be made quicker and easier by fitting a fully comprehensive storage system into your bathroom, in order to maximise both space and enjoyment. Sinks and toilets are being streamlined and incorporated into the overall style layout of the bathroom, whilst other facilities – mainly showers and baths, examples of which can be found at – are increasing in size and becoming the focal point of the room. In addition, more bathrooms are now featuring customised vanity areas, to make getting ready for the day much more enjoyable.

Bathroom colours have always been about creating a calming environment, whether they’re muted blues and greys or vibrant primary shades. Bathroom colours 2013 remain in earthy, nature-inspired hues in a variety of colours, including; blues, greens, oranges, ochre, off-white, beige, brown and grey. Add a splash of colour to your bathroom to create an exciting focal point but keep the overall colour scheme relaxed for a totally on-trend look which will last for years.