They say a clean home starts with a clean kitchen.

Whether you’re a master chef or a fan of takeaway food, it’s easy to forget about cleaning and let your kitchen turn into a nasty, disorganized mess.

These twelve simple tips, courtesy of Tile Depot, will help you keep your kitchen as clean as possible, even on a rushed and stressful schedule.

Deodorize using coffee beans

Does your kitchen smell of garlic, garbage, or fried food? Keep some coffee beans in an open container to flush out the smell and fill your kitchen with the scent of fresh coffee.

Clean dishes in short, quick bursts

Letting dishes pile up is a terrible kitchen cleaning mistake. Instead of creating tall piles of dirty dishes to clean, make sure you clean your dishes as soon as you finish using them.

Create a ‘to cook’ list to avoid wasting ingredients

Do you have a pack of chicken breasts in the fridge with one day left before they’re no longer edible? Create a ‘to cook’ list containing all of your soon-to-expire cooking ingredients and cross them off as you’ve used them in meals.


Cover pots and pans when you’re cooking

Most of the grease and grime that coats your stove top comes from frying pans and cooking pots. Use splash covers or glass lids to keep sauces and soups from making your stove top too dirty.

Clean your oven and microwave every week

Microwaves can quickly become messy, especially if you use them to reheat dinners and other leftovers. Clean your oven and microwave using lemon juice and water on a weekly schedule to avoid letting them become out of control.

Use soapy water to clean your blender

After you’ve finished using your blender, fill it with tap water and a squirt of liquid soap. Then, switch your blender to ‘pulse’ mode and keep it operating for about 20 seconds to clean it out without having to pick up a brush.

Use paper towels to quickly clean your microwave

Here’s an easy way to clean your microwave: wet some paper towels and heat them in the microwave for a minute or two. The steam from the towels will loosen all of the mess inside your microwave, making it easy to wipe clean.


Use vinegar to clean smelly kitchen sinks

Is your kitchen sink starting to smell? Clean it by freezing some vinegar and water into ice cubes. Then, simply let the ice cubes thaw out in the kitchen sink, gradually releasing the blended solution into the pipe.

Keep a ‘dish stack’ limit

If you let dirty dishes stack up in your sink, they’ll rarely end up clean. Set yourself a strict limit of two or three dishes at most, and clean them as soon as the dish tower in your sink starts approaching the limit.

Create grocery lists on the fly

Avoid forgetting to buy important ingredients by creating grocery lists while you’re cooking. Keep a blank list on your fridge and add ingredients to it as soon as they’re used to prepare a meal.

Keep dry and wet garbage cans

trash-canDivide your garbage into two different cans and you’ll avoid keeping food scraps for too long. While dry garbage can sit for several days, wet garbage should be disposed of frequently for optimal kitchen hygiene.

Clean cast iron with salt, not chemicals

Cleaning a cast iron with liquid soap damages the coating and makes it less useful to an experienced chef. Instead of using liquid soap, clean all of your cast iron pots and pans using a combination of tap water and sea salt.