We know that certain colors can promote relaxation and boost performance, memory retrieval and creativity, and a study by the University of British Columbia recently confirmed this fact. Retailers have long been using color to influence customer buying decisions, and homeowners are getting into the act, too.

If you’re looking to reinvent the vibe of your home with the power of paint, accents and accessories, we have a few ideas to get you started on your color journey:

Welcome Guests With Color

Incorporate warm tones like orange, beige and earth tones into living rooms and sitting areas to help stimulate conversation. The idea is to create a warm and welcoming environment to relax and form connections with others. Shades of orange invite warm, high-energy feelings of sociability and happiness; it’s thought that orange promotes extroverted behavior, making it ideal for use in a conversation space in your household. Consider a plush, dark leather couch, earth-tone window treatments and a splash of orange in a lampshade or throw rug. We like this geometric rug from Kohl’s.

Create a Vibrant Kitchen

There’s no one right color for your kitchen; just choose something that makes you feel good and want to spend time in the room. If you have great memories of hanging around the kitchen when you were a child, infuse those colors into your own kitchen. If you’re not sure where to start, you could always stick with yellow—it’s a boon to your happy side. Kick things off with this yellow KitchenAid mixer.


One caveat: Steer clear from red if you’re watching your weight. Experts say the color red can subtly cause you to overeat. Try painting one wall vibrant yellow and leave the rest muted for balance. Add yellow or blue accents around your kitchen with artwork, candles, plants and a bowl of lemons in a rich, blue bowl.

Drench Your Bedroom in Blue

Cool, ice blues and greens can help foster a calm, relaxing environment that’s well-suited for a bedroom or reading area. Cover your bed in a soft blue comforter and add a tufted foot rest covered in an ice green fabric at the foot of your bed. For your bed, we like the Aiden Medallion duvet cover and sham in blue from Pottery Barn. Soft lighting and window treatments that allow natural light to pour in complete your bedroom oasis.


Create a Wealth Center

Welcome wealth into your home with the color green. Transform your home office into a sleek financial powerhouse with green trim, window treatments and plenty of plants. Accent your office with black to add a sleek and sophisticated energy. Start with a black leather chair, computer or bookcase to create a powerful look. Add some heavy, modern drapes fromTheShadeStore.com to complete your home office.