If you’re reasonably confident in your DIY skills, there’s no reason why you can’t hang an internal door yourself in your home.

As external doors have additional security features, however, it is usually best to leave these to a professional.

So, here’s a rough guide to installing a door – before you start, make sure you’ve got all the relevant pieces of equipment to hand and look into hiring machinery like sanders if you don’t own everything you require.

Cutting a door

Cutting your door to size

Before you install a door, you’ll need to cut it down to fit your doorframe. The amount you can plane off your door will depend on what type of construction it is – you can usually shave off more from a panel door than you can from a flush one.

Start by measuring how much wood you need to take off. The easiest way to do this is to position the door next to the frame, using wedges to support it in place. Use a pencil to mark where you need to sand to.

Ideally, you’ll want a 2 mm gap on the side and top of the door, but a larger gap (usually 5 to 10 mm if you have carpet) at the bottom. When you’re cutting the door, always take equal amounts from the top and bottom to ensure it still looks even. A top tip is to use your old door to help you measure if this was a good fit.

Fitting door to hinges

Fitting the hinges

Once you’re satisfied your door will fit snugly, you need to attach the hinges. Always start by affixing the hinges to the frame. Hold the new hinges up to the old ones to see if they will fit in the same place. If they are slightly larger, line them up with the bottom of the old hinges and mark off how much higher they are.

You can then use this as a guide to carefully chisel out the wood you need to remove. When you’re satisfied the hinges will sit flush to the frame, screw them into position using only one screw per hinge.

Now you need to move on to the hinges on the door. You’ll have to prop this up using a wedge to ensure you leave the right gap at the bottom and mark off on the edge of the door where the top and bottom of the hinges will sit.

Next, you should unscrew the hinges from the frame and place them on your door within your markings. Draw around them and carefully chisel out a section of the wood so the hinge can sit flush to the door – again attach the hinges with just one screw each. This is so you can easily remove them should you discover they are not quite in the right position when you come to hang the door.

Hanging a door

Hanging the door

Lift up your door again and position it next to the frame so that the hinges fit into the gaps you’ve created for them. Use one screw to affix the door to the frame and then gently open and close the door to ensure there is enough space around the top, bottom and side.

Once you’re happy that your door will open and close properly, you can put the rest of the screws into the frame and the door!