With spring seemingly still not on the horizon, it may feel a little frustrating to not be able to use your garden in way it was intended.

But consider this;by holding off on your garden plans for a while longer, you may be able to develop your designs, cultivate your creativity and improve the efficiency of your grand design ideas.

Not only will this give you the chance to plan properly, but it might also mean you have the chance to think of even more amazing ideas to put to good use in your flourishing spring garden-to-be.

FlowerscapeCreate a Flowerscape

Planting flowers is an integral part of preparing your spring garden. Pruning and weeding will get your garden back in working order, but only by planting will you truly make your garden blossom into its full potential. But instead of just planting willy-nilly, why not take a little time and work out a beautiful design for your garden beforehand? By creating a flowerscape out of your landscape, you’ll be able to improve the overall look of your garden through the cohesion of complimentary colours, smells and sizes.

Perennial flowerPlant Some Perennials

Perennials are plants which flower year after year, so if you have perennials in your garden all you’ll need to do is look after them as you would any other plant, by keeping them free of weeds and pests. In the long run you’ll save time, money and effort, and will keep your garden looking fabulous for years to come.

outdoor-garden-fountainPlan a Water Feature

A water feature can be as simple or ambitious as your desire, and can take many forms, from a fountain, to a pebble waterfall, to a pond stocked with beautiful golden fish. But because water features can be costly, if you’re thinking about installing a water feature in your garden, it’s important to get all of the planning out of the way before beginning. Water features need specific equipment to keep them in good working order; for example, www.allpondsolutions.co.uk pond pumps will help to keep your pond water fresh, clean and free of debris.