Many homes have garages that homeowners don’t need to store their cars in. Their garages often become little more than large sheds to store power tools and lawn equipment away from the elements. Without any real use, they become cluttered and disorganized.

Instead of letting your garage go to waste, here are some of the most popular alternatives for your garage.

Gym Garage ConversionHome Gym

Nowhere else in the house does such a perfect environment for a home gym exist. With a large, open space, a concrete floor that won’t be damaged by heavy weights or equipment, and relative solitude from the rest of the house, this garage conversion offers an authentic gym workout without the monthly fee.

Rubberized Floor

A rubberized floor can offer some insulation and padding. With plenty of floor space, multiple pieces of equipment can be installed, more than can fit in most interior rooms. Ample wall space allows for a large television and speakers to complete the garage home gym conversion.

Indoor Garden

This conversion is a bit trickier and will likely involve some renovations. Consider replacing the garage door with sliding glass doors or installing large windows to let in more sunlight. Special plant growth lighting systems ensure that plants receive enough light even on cloudy days or during the winter.

Because this garden is indoors, you can enjoy it all year, and you have more flexibility than you would with an outdoor garden in hanging plants along the walls and from the ceiling. Some tropical plants can’t drop beneath 50ºF, so they may require significant heating during the winter. Regardless, you’ll never have to worry about frost again.

Home Theater Garage ConversionHome Theater

Home theaters in garages are probably the most popular garage conversions today. Fueled by large but relatively inexpensive televisions, homeowners need a lot of space to enjoy their 60 inch or larger televisions.

A garage offers a perfect space for installing a carpet, throwing in a few chairs or a couch, and sitting back to enjoy a night out at the movies without spending $50 on tickets. Because the garage is closed off from the rest of the house, feel free to crank up the volume even when everyone else is asleep.