Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are more associated with very warm climates and thereby with European styles of home design. Recently, they are becoming a highly popular window treatment option in the UK, especially with our climate changing creating colder winters and hotter summers.

Shutters are a neglected from of window treatment, and this article explores some of its many benefits.

By installing wooden shutters, you can save money on several bills. Your utility bills in both winter and summer are one of the financial benefits that wooden shutters provide.

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Due to their proximity to a window there is little to no room for hot air to escape or cold air to enter. This is especially good for the winter months, while in the summer their proximity to the window keeps the heat of the sun out of your home and locks in the cool air. Bills on heating and electric fans can be cut all year round.

Prevent Condensation

Another benefit due to their proximity to the glass of the window is that the glass can’t expand and absorb bad weather conditions, thus they can prevent the build-up of condensation in your home.

Save on Home Insurance

You can also save money on your home insurance with wooden shutters. Some premiums will give a discount if you have wooden shutters installed, as the likelihood of a burglar choosing to rob your house when he sees the difficulty of entering due to the shutters is less than if you just have some easy to man-oeuvre curtains installed.

Better Resale Value

Another benefit springs to mind when selling your home. You can list the shutters as a key feature and gain better offers, as they are an ever-more desirable aspect of a home, and are still seen as a luxurious item. Remember to mention the financial benefits that these shutters have given you over the years to clinch the deal, and leave the rest up to the aesthetic appeal of the shutters.

Highly Customizable

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Another benefit of shutters is that they are highly customizable at a very low cost. Trends in interior design come and go very quickly, and can be very expensive. With shutters you can follow the trends at a fraction of a cost, as by adding a lick of paint to your shutters you’ve created a brand new design style. If a rustic theme is currently in fashion, then you can take the paint off your wooden shutters, and the design style is created.

If minimalistic is the trend you are after then consider painting your shutters white. For a vintage look consider creating a white-washed look by only adding a very thin layer of white or pastel blue paint.

…and many more!

Shutters can also be used to make the exterior of your house look more fashionable and welcoming. Depending on how adventurous you are with color, you can use the shutters to create an interesting mural or simply choose a color that compliments the color of your house’s exterior.

There are many examples of exterior shutter creativity on the net. One of them is a large apartment building that has shutters painted in the colors of the rainbow. So, there’s no excuse for not being able to find inspiration.