Thank heavens the days of decorating your house with resale in mind are over! Homeowners everywhere are saying goodbye to boring beige and miserable modern interiors that have been stripped of any character.

Instead, interior design enthusiasts are having fun in their homes again and decorating to please themselves – and not potential buyers!

So if you’d like to add a little drama to your décor and create a home that better reflects your personality then take a look at these ten top tips!

Gothic mirror and candlesGo Gothic

Whether you live in a modern or period home, you can use gothic inspired accessories to add interest to any room. Choose an accent wall and dress it with a gothic mirror, candles and dramatic flock wallpaper – provided it makes you smile, you can choose any design you like.

Get Swathey

Swathes of opulent fabric can make rooms feel warmer and more inviting. Drape your bed in metres of luxurious material and go to town on your window dressings too!

Be Bright

Cheer up a boring bathroom suite with bright colours. Try painting a wall in your favourite hue and choosing stand out matching accessories.

Floor It

Don’t opt for the same old carpet or floorboards, there are far more exciting floor coverings to choose from like printed vinyl, fun lino or even poured and polished concrete splattered with glass beads.

Souk it up

Need somewhere to sit and relax in your outside space? Create a Moroccan style souk tent by hanging North African inspired fabric over a large garden umbrella. Then place plenty of cushions to relax on inside – your kids will love it.

Make StainsStained Window

You can add interest to any window and increase privacy by covering it in coloured tissue paper. Get a piece of Perspex cut to the size of your window, carefully glue on your paper and place over the window pane so you can remove it if you want to.

Family Fun

Use family photos to create some fab kitchen accessories like placemats, coasters and even tea towels. You’ll find plenty of places online to get digital photos printed onto pretty much anything you like.

Shine a Light

Lighting can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of a room so fill your spaces with candles and lamps so you can create a romantic, cozy or dramatic look whenever the mood takes you.

Top Table

Make your dining table the main attraction at dinner parties with a fabulous centrepiece. Take a cube of oasis and your favourite flowers and have fun designing a stunning bouquet, then add some special finishing touches like candy canes for a Christmas display or windmill toys in summer.

Bold wallBe Bold

Feature walls are very of the moment so if you’d like yours to be a little different then look for end of line rolls of designer wallpaper or let your artistic juices flow and design your own paper or decorate your wall using a stencil.