One of the most relaxing places in your house is your bathroom. The mere act of bathing is already soothing to your body. It is only fitting to have a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing, too.

If you’re thinking about doing a bathroom makeover and looking for the perfect material to use, we recommend porcelain tiles. Porcelain is a durable material made of fine sand. It also gives a classy feel to your bathroom.

Here are 10 reasons why you should opt for porcelain:


Very good density.

Porcelain is 1/2 of 1% absorptive. This means it can withstand wet areas well. Porcelain is even used for outdoor installation due to its density. It is more resistant to moisture compared to other ceramic tiles.

Long lasting.

Porcelain tiles will last for years. It is heated at high temperatures making it very durable. If you try chipping off a ceramic tile, you will see a different color beneath its top glaze. If you chip off porcelain, you will see the same color and texture until the last fragment in your hands.

Heat resistant.

As previously mentioned, porcelain is heated at extremely high temperatures. This makes it heat resistant and robust. If you’re the type who loves warm baths then you won’t have problems with porcelain tiles.


Porcelain has different types that cater to your preferences. It comes in unglazed, glazed, and polished textures. Depending on the overall look and feel of your bathroom, you can choose either through-bodied or glazed porcelain.

Reasonable price.

For the durability and toughness it provides, porcelain is pretty reasonable at $3 to $6 per tile. If you want a bathroom with minimal maintenance and will last you many years then it’s worth investing on porcelain tiles.


The great thing about porcelain is its flexibility. You can see it in airports as well as residences. It’s that wide-ranged. Whatever leftover you have from your bathroom makeover, you can definitely use it for other parts of your house!



Porcelain has a 5 rating from the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI). The PEI rate is the hardness and durability ranking of tiles. Tiles are rated from 1 to 5 with 1 meaning there’s no foot traffic and 5 indicating heavy to extra heavy foot traffic. To give you more idea, here’s the ranking scheme:

PEI Ratings: From One to Five

  • PEI Class 1 Rating: No foot traffic. This is mainly for wall all use only and specifically for residential and commercial installations.
  • PEI Class 2 Rating: Light traffic. This is for wall installations and bathroom floor applications.
  • PEI Class 3 Rating: Light to moderate traffic. This is for countertops, walls, and floors that accommodate normal foot traffic.
  • PEI Class 4 Rating: Moderate to heavy traffic. This is for residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional installations.
  • PEI Class 5 Rating: Heavy to extra heavy traffic. This is for all residential and heavy commercial and institutional foot traffic.

With a 5 ranking for porcelain, it is practically suitable for everything. Now, that’s absolute toughness and resilience for you.

Easy to clean.

Porcelain simply needs some regular wiping and mopping to maintain its shiny texture. You can also sweep or vacuum it without having to fear that you’ll damage it. However, unglazed porcelain needs more frequent cleaning than glazed ones.


Whether glazed or unglazed, the texture of porcelain makes it aesthetically pleasing at every turn. You can mix different types to for a modern and traditional mix. It can also be cut into specific pieces without compromising its quality. Porcelain remains porcelain up until the most minute corner piece in your bathroom.

Elegant design.

Porcelain tiles spells elegance and class very much like quartz tiles. It is visually calming which is what you need for your bathroom. It gives an inviting vibe that easily relaxes you. The classic look of porcelain will make your bathroom look timeless, too!

Porcelain tiles are great for bathroom makeovers. It is even more ideal for initial bathroom constructions because it lasts a long time thus eliminating the need for makeovers! The key here is knowing the right kind of porcelain you need and how you want it laid out. Make sure you coordinate well with your constructor to ensure that he executes what you visualize for your bathroom. Take your time in choosing your porcelain type and design. After all, the end result is what you will walk into every day and it should very well reflect what you want for your bathroom.