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Creating your Dream Master Bathroom — Liberate the Basics

A master bathroom requires an efficient use of space because even the most spartan examples have three basic essentials, the purview of each taking up a large amount of space relative to other facilities in your home.


A Simple Saving Solution

If you’re moving into a new home or just refreshing your décor, whether you’re a first timer buyer or have been climbing the property ladder for a while, here is a simple solution to help you save some money. If you’re wanting to give your house a makeover without splashing the cash then one simple […]


Decorating your bedroom on a budget

If your bedroom is due a drastic makeover, but your budget is tight, we’re taking a look at quick and effective ways to revamp your bedroom without dipping in to your savings!


Tips on How to Plaster a Concrete Wall

By applying plaster to your concrete walls you not only make them look a lot nicer, but you also add to their moisture resistance and make them more level, meaning you can paint them and hang pictures and the like.


Five Ways to Improve Any Room

One of the main reasons, besides a dull looking room, is poor arrangement and you only need to spend some time to reshuffle it and make sense out of it.

Wall Stickers

Three Cheap & Easy Ways To Add A Little Flare To The Walls Of Your Home

Home owners look for unique ways to add a little flare to their homes, without it costing a fortune. The good news, you have options, cheap options.

Inserting different color tones into your home

One color is selected for the given room and then various shades of the same are used. This means that the room is given much more depth than is traditionally associated with walls that exhibit just one hue.

Old Furniture

Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Your Furniture

Before you become a DIY guru and ruin your furniture forever, make sure you check out this detailed step-by-step guide to painting.

Sash Window

How to Make Your Sash Windows Look As Good As New

Most original box sashes were constructed so well in the first place that they can be brought back to life from even the direst of situations. With a bit of careful renovation those old windows can be made to look as good as new!

Bedroom Oasis

Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis With A Wall Mural

Redecorating your bedroom with either a new and vibrant color scheme or a more natural and clean one can really bring your room to life and make it feel new and exciting again. Let’s see how we can turn your bedroom into an oasis!

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