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DIY in Today’s Economy: Focus on Practicalities

In any case, homeowners are much more prudent when it comes to DIY remodeling projects and are only making repairs as necessary most of the time.


Common but Easily Rectified Plumbing Nightmares

Of all household repairs which tend to get neglected are those in relation to plumbing, and unfortunately, they can be the most costly if left unattended.

New Roof

How Do You Know It’s Time for a New Roof?

If you’re trying to decide whether to replace your roof rather than repair it, there are several factors you ought to consider. Here are four things that indicate you need a new roof!


[TIP] Check Your Roof Each Season for Leaks

All too often people forget to check their roofs for leaks before it is too late.  A lot of times they ignore the fact that if there isn’t water coming into the house that their roof is fine. Inspect your roof often! Each season get on your roof and walk around to make sure there […]

How to Repair Damaged Blinds 150x150

[DIY] How to Repair Damaged Blinds

After prolonged use, blinds may no longer lower, raise or tilt properly due to broken cords, slats or wand. Here’s a few DIY instructions you can take to repair those damaged blinds and save money!

Emergency Home Repairs

Financing Emergency Home Repairs, in a pinch

Mother nature has recently brought us some pretty rough weather lately leaving us with costly home repairs that just can’t wait! But what do you do when the cash is running low and need it done now?

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