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Four Steps to Wallpapering a Room

It may seem like a difficult feat, but hanging wallpaper is not nearly as difficult as you would think.

Inserting different color tones into your home

One color is selected for the given room and then various shades of the same are used. This means that the room is given much more depth than is traditionally associated with walls that exhibit just one hue.

Log Planter

How to Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Growing anything from home can be a blast but how would one go about growing their own herb garden? Today we’ll cover how you can start your very own herb garden in just 5 easy steps.

Old Furniture

Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Your Furniture

Before you become a DIY guru and ruin your furniture forever, make sure you check out this detailed step-by-step guide to painting.


Using Pin Boards to Display Great Information Around the House

Today we’ll discuss how you can use pin boards to display great information without diminishing your overall style and design.

Sash Window

How to Make Your Sash Windows Look As Good As New

Most original box sashes were constructed so well in the first place that they can be brought back to life from even the direst of situations. With a bit of careful renovation those old windows can be made to look as good as new!

Uses For Your Curtains

Top 5 Uses for Your Curtains

Take those old or possibly even new curtains laying around your house and turn them into something useable and beautiful with these top 5 uses for curtains.

DIY Message Board

How to Recycle Old Decorative Accents into New Beauty

Instead of tossing out old items, transform them into one-of-a-kind decorative accents for your home. Check out these creative ways to turn beauty out of what you would normally throw away!!

How to Repair Damaged Blinds 150x150

[DIY] How to Repair Damaged Blinds

After prolonged use, blinds may no longer lower, raise or tilt properly due to broken cords, slats or wand. Here’s a few DIY instructions you can take to repair those damaged blinds and save money!

DIY Home Projects

DIY Tips for the Home

There are many repair, maintenance and remodeling jobs around the home that you can do yourself. DIY projects can save you a great deal of money, providing of course, you do the job well.

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