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Six Interior Design Trends to Watch For

With modern design in mind, here are 6 interior design trends to consider.


Ways To Revitalise Your Home Decor in 2014

With a little know-how and elbow grease, there are many directions you can take with your home decor to create amazing spaces that cater to your particular tastes and personality…


Inspirational Contemporary Furniture of the 21st Century

Inspirational furniture designs generally relate to items that allow you to make the most of space, and that also use reclaimed materials, unusual designs, and that integrate technology in distinctive ways.

Relaxing bedroom

Creating the Perfect Bedroom

The perfect bedroom should invoke peacefulness and rest, achieving this requires a lot of consideration in the interior design department.

Country Chic Kitchen

2013 Kitchen Design Trends: Style Inspiration

If you’re redesigning your kitchen or you are moving into your very first home, let this year’s most popular designs inspire you.

Home decor

Four Steps To Realizing Your Design Dreams

Very often it seems that we find ourselves following certain trends and patterns of behaviour on autopilot – it’s not that we follow these trends because we’re unimaginative or find it hard to envision an alternative.

Architect Blue Prints

Things to Bear in Mind When Hiring an Architect

With that in mind, it’s quite surprising how many people have turned away from hiring an architect by the thoughts of the process being a bit too confusing or even expensive. If that’s what you’re currently thinking, let this article try and put your mind at ease.


Update Your Bathroom for Comfort and Luxury

Bathrooms have become subject to trends just as have bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens; bathrooms are regularly made the subject of design magazines and showcases, and the subject of celebrity bathrooms is a hot topic in its own right.


How to Make Your Living Room Stand Out from the Norm

I definitely recommend taking a step back and thinking about ways to make it a bit more unique than your standard living room design.

Inserting different color tones into your home

One color is selected for the given room and then various shades of the same are used. This means that the room is given much more depth than is traditionally associated with walls that exhibit just one hue.

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