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Five Ways to Add a Fun Look to your Bedroom

Bringing this dash of fun to the bedroom’s design can make all the difference in its atmosphere and create a warm, inviting environment.


Decorating Your Rental : How to Make Your Temporary House a Home

Once the act of finding the perfect place is complete, the task of making your temporary abode your own begins.


Ways to Improve Lighting Efficiency in Home

You must reinvent the entire way that you look at lighting and energy efficiency at home.


The Top Tips for Creating a Stylish Home

If you’ve just moved into a new home, or are simply thinking of sprucing up your house before Christmas, here are some top tips to help you create a stylish and homely space.


Tips for Redecorating your Dining Room in Time for Christmas

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that there couldn’t be anything worse than a home decoration project at this time of year. However, we’ve compiled some tips to help this venture be as stress free as possible.


Picking the Right Guest Bed for Your Small Room

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right guest bed and this should act as a rough guide, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of the various bed types, considering value, size, storage and comfort.

Trendy Christmas Colors / Card

Blue and Silver, Red and Green: Holiday Color Combinations That Work

One of the first steps to decorating your home for the holidays is to choose the color scheme you’ll run with but with so many options out there, how do you choose? Let’s dive into some holiday color combinations that work!

How to wrap a Christmas Gift 150x150

How to Wrap a Christmas Gift Like a PRO

Always paid the mall to wrap your Christmas presents, and you do not know how? This easy step-by-step guide will tells you exactly how to wrap a Christmas gift like a professional.

Christmas Tree Fresh Until Christmas

How to Keep the Christmas Tree Fresh Until Christmas

Does the tree you bought for Christmas a few days before the holiday look a little droopy? Here are three tips to keep your Christmas Tree looking fresh until Christmas Day!

Cozy Christmas

5 Ways to keep your house cosy this Christmas

If you’re expecting a white Christmas, it’s time to make sure your house is warm and cosy. There’s nothing worse than a chilly abode, so turn up the heating, whip out the blankets and arrange plumbing insurance. Here are 5 ways to keep your house toasty this winter: 1. Check your boiler In between singing […]

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