If you are looking to extend or improve your bathroom, or are perhaps creating an ensuite or installing a second bathroom, make the most of your room’s dimensions by turning it into a wet room.

You may be forgiven for browsing bathroom showrooms and getting overwhelmed with the choice of luxurious bathtubs and chic showers, but when effective space-management is paramount, your wet room can look just as aesthetically pleasing.

Not to mention it’s also cheaper! Here are a few hints and tips to making your budget stretch as far as possible when refurbishing your bathroom:


Overlay and save

If your bathroom is already tiled, and you don’t fancy forking out for a tiler to rip up your current flooring only to replace it with another, why not make your flooring slip-resistant and family friendly by covering your tiles with Lido matting.

By allowing water to drain through the interlocking pieces, you can easily cut your floor covering to the size and shape you want – especially useful when implementing floor tiles around the toilet basin, cabinets and the bathroom sink. Retailers such as TactTiles offer wet flooring in a range of colours to suit your scheme.

The matting is easy to replace once it becomes worn down, just remove the interlocked piece and replace it with a new tile. They are super-easy to install yourself if you don’t want to blow your budget on hiring a contractor to fit them for you.

Keep your suites sweet

If you are installing a completely new bathroom from scratch, or if your current suite is well past its use-by-date, it pays to choose a classic suite that will stand the test of passing trends and won’t date easily.

As featured in the Telegraph, John Waldron, a director of Connells, said: “The basic improvements to a property which add value above their cost are central heating, double glazing, the renewal of kitchen and bathroom and possibly adding in a second or en suite bathroom facility.”

Therefore, as one of the rooms that add the most value to your home, you should look to install something simple and elegant that will appeal to buyers of all ages and tastes. To make the most of a small space, choose a white set as this will ensure the room appears light and airy.

If you’re looking to add a luxurious touch to your wet room, embellish with a stylish mirror and dashing accessories, such as wall art, chic blinds and deluxe towels.