Feng Shui is all about arrangement inside your home.

Essentially, it is a design process that goes into the orientation and energy flow of a room based on the positioning of everything in it.

When stripped down to the basic words, Feng means wind and Shui means water. Both wind and water are considered to be part of good health in Chinese culture, which is why achieving a strong feng shui can present your home openly.

It is a Taoist idea that everything is filled with energy, so when designing the overall look of your home you of course want to have good energy, be comfortable and not have lots of stress. After all, you are going to be there for a good amount of your time and you should look forward to living inside your home and returning to it after a long work.


The Big Elements

For starters, you need to move your television, computer, exercise equipment and anything else out of a location you try to relax in; namely your bedroom. These are all items that are going to reduce your overall level of relaxation and actually take you from it. While you can still have a television in a room and a computer inside an office, you need to make sure everything is separated. Your bedroom should not be a place to watch television.

Make sure you have high quality air running throughout the room. Having a fan helps circulate the air so it doesn’t feel stiff but everyone benefits from an air-purifier in order to remove dander and other elements from the air. Breathing good, pure air in your home and removing any kind of smells is necessary for living a comfortable life and maintaining feng shui.


Life and Light

Plants are good, but you must keep them in larger areas. Having plants in your bedroom might actually reduce the feng shui as you shouldn’t be breathing in the continual aroma of these plants while you sleep. Plants should only be utilized inside a large room or away from areas you generally sit and sleep in.

Lighting is very important throughout your house in order to maintain a strong feng shui. It’s important to have calming window shades, to block sunlight, and to open for light sun coverage.

For starters, you don’t want harsh lighting coming into the room and you don’t want dull, lifeless orange lighting you often receive from older lights. Using outdoor lights inside the house make it feel as if you are outside and when combined with a dimmer switch it allows you to alter the look and feel of the room, depending on what you are going for. With these lights you are able to turn up the illumination when you need more visibility or you can reduce the light should you want to feel more relaxed.