At the end of a long day you may enjoy jumping in the shower and relieving the stress that has accumulated from the challenges of the day.

But did you know that there are a plethora of health benefits from taking a cold shower?

Back in the 1920s, Vincenz Priessnitz who was a farmer, developed and sold a medical treatment that he called “hydrotherapy,” that touted the advantages of cold water to cure ailments.  Even though this practice began to decline after drugs were introduced to alleviate health problems, the benefits that you can enjoy from taking a cold shower still hold true today. Let’s explore how you can improve your health and well-being with a stimulating, cold shower.


Stepping into a cold shower from Mira Showers can provide you with hydrotherapy found in some upscale spas around the world.

Strengthen Your Immunity.

If you want to prevent colds, flu, and other infections, taking a cold shower about three times a week will increase your white blood cells and eliminate viruses that create havoc in your body.  As your body tries to warm itself during a cold shower, your immune system strengthens and works more effectively.

Improve Your Circulation

For overall good health, you need to have good blood circulation which is promoted with a cold shower.  This prevents hypertension, varicose veins, and hardening of your heart’s arteries.  Improved circulation is an excellent first step toward better health.

Keep Your Body Temperature Under Control

If you always have cold hands or feet, taking a cold shower can alleviate this problem.  The cold water will help to generate body heat and help you to feel more comfortable.

Your Metabolism Rate Increases and You Can Lose Weight

Having your metabolic rate increase means that your body is working more efficiently and your amount of brown fat will burn off the excess weight that you are carrying.  You’ll notice also that your muscles grow and repair more effectively.

You Can Effectively Fight Depression

Taking a cold shower stimulates your brain’s “blue spot” which produces a chemical that helps fight off depression and feelings of being overwhelmed.  The next time you begin to feel hopeless, take a cold shower to stimulate your system.

Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy

Hot water tends to dry out your skin and hair whereas cold water detoxifies these areas of your body and makes you look younger.  It also increases the strength of your hair and helps it to be healthier; this also can result in a decline of your hair loss.

If you aren’t accustomed to taking a cold shower, you should ease into this habit.  By stepping into a shower from Mira Showers of cold water, you’ll be moving outside your comfort zone and improving your health and well-being.  Even if you have to experience only a thirty second blast of cold water, that will be a first step toward improving your health.