When it comes to doing regular renovations and maintenance on the home, the work schedule can slow down considerably once the winter season hits.

In the cold months it can be difficult to get outside to take care of exterior renovation work, so many homeowners turn their focus toward indoor projects.

Richmond, Virginia homeowners have the benefit of a temperate climate that doesn’t place as much climatic stress on their homes as other parts of the country. This also makes the fall, winter and spring months more productive from a renovations and maintenance standpoint. While flooring installations and replacements are technically an indoor job, they do need the cooperation of the weather for the installation to go over perfectly. The winter season in Richmond is a great time to tackle this project without getting in the way of other renovation plans. Here are some tips for a successful flooring swap.

wood flooring and tools

Take advantage of Richmond’s temperate winter season

In some parts of the country, winter flooring installation can be a hassle, mainly because of the frigid outdoor temperatures. Flooring installations require your doors to be open for long periods of time as old flooring is carried out and new materials are brought in. Open doors and windows also facilitate the ventilation of your home when fumes created by flooring installations need to be aired out.

Fortunately, Richmond’s average highs in the winter months are typically in the 50s and even 60s, according to Weather.com. This makes the installation process much less of a strain on the home, and the moderate temperatures will even improve the quality of your flooring installation.

Weighing your flooring options

The type of flooring you install is often determined by your personal style preferences, the current trends in flooring, and the functionality of the rooms where the flooring is being installed. While carpet may be a viable option in living rooms and bedrooms, it’s a rare find in kitchens and bathrooms. Hard, easy-to-clean surfaces are highly valued in these parts of the home and, as ClassyClutter.net notes, there are a number of hard-surface trends in flooring that Richmond homeowners may want to consider when choosing flooring for their home.

Wood laminate has been available as a flooring option for years. But recent improvements to the appearance and durability of this laminate are making it a more attractive option. Many people struggle to tell the difference between a wood laminate and authentic wood flooring. Plus, wood laminate is more resistant to damage and doesn’t soak up moisture like wood floors will.

Porcelain tile is another hard flooring surface popular among homeowners. It can have the appearance of slate or stone, but it’s cheaper to install, offers a wider array of colors, and is extremely durable — ideal for working spaces like the kitchen or your mud room.

Installation tip: Bring in a humidifier

One negative aspect of winter flooring installations is the low humidity of the colder months. This can lead to warping of hard floor surfaces and, in extreme cases, it can cause cracks to develop. If Richmond is expecting a particularly dry spell while you are installing your flooring, bring in a humidifier to aid in the installation process. With the increased humidity in the air, your hard flooring can properly bond to the floorboards without the risk of cracking.

Prepping for the cleanup process

Disposing of your old flooring can be a chore, particularly if your plan is to haul it piece by piece to the landfill. Instead of wasting your time with multiple trips, consider investing in a next day dumpsters rental to make the disposal process quick and painless. A single dumpster should be enough to collect all of your excess flooring, and the dumpster can be promptly dropped off and picked up on your desired dates, making disposal as simple as carting the floor scraps out into your driveway.