Six Kitchen Fix-Ups that Won’t Break Your Bank

If you live in an older home with an out-of-date kitchen, you may be tempted to re-do your entire kitchen. However, this task can be very expensive.


Five Types Of Rugs

Rugs have long been prized for their beauty and utility. They can be broken into several categories. Sometimes they are divided by country of originate or the style in which they are made.


Picking the Right Guest Bed for Your Small Room

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right guest bed and this should act as a rough guide, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of the various bed types, considering value, size, storage and comfort.


Starting Moves: Feng Shui Your Home

Essentially, it is a design process that goes into the orientation and energy flow of a room based on the positioning of everything in it.


5 Steps to Decorating Your First Flat

Now you have so much freedom: you can do whatever you like, and all of the design and decorating choices are entirely yours!


Inspirational Contemporary Furniture of the 21st Century

Inspirational furniture designs generally relate to items that allow you to make the most of space, and that also use reclaimed materials, unusual designs, and that integrate technology in distinctive ways.


Ideas to instantly perk up your living space

If you are wary of such a major overhaul, or unsure of it, or just plain bored of the status quo, you may want to give your home a quick spruce-up to see if you can transform it into something more exciting.

Hardwood floors

Cost-Effective Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an investment. Although it can sometimes be expensive, it is often a wise investment.


Four Tips to Choosing a Sofa That Will Stand the Test of Time

In many households, the sofa is the most used piece of furniture because of family meetings and social gatherings. Unfortunately, many people choose to buy sofas that are low quality in order to save money.

bathroom tanking

How much money can Tanking a bathroom save me?

Tanking is usually carried out as part of a plan to convert your bathroom into a wet room with a walk in shower, but can also be undertaken if you’re concerned about leaks.

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