Creating an outside space for teenagers is a great idea. It will give them a feeling of independence and offer an air of privacy that all teenagers crave.

If there is an outbuilding at the home, this can be converted into a simple space that teenagers will love to bring their friends to.

The outbuilding does not have to be anything fancy; it can be a summer house that can be supplied with electricity and fitted out with simple furniture, or a purpose-built small studio equipped with running water and drainage for a small bathroom; even a tiny kitchen could be provided. Whatever the need, there are many ways to achieve a great outside space for teenagers, even if there is only a small budget to work with.

Shed to decorate

The Initial Building

It is possible to buy a summer house or a large garden shed relatively inexpensively. Employing a certified electrician to route electricity from the house into the outbuilding means that the teenager will have lighting, the use of a laptop and other equipment, and even be able to make their own hot drinks while spending time in their new space. A visit to a local furniture store such as Furniture Village will be the only trip that needs to be made, as it is possible to buy sofas and chairs, tables and table lamps all under the one roof. Add a little shelving for books, and the teenager in the house will be more than happy.

If a purpose-built studio or even a small barn conversion is being considered, this will also provide some great overflow accommodation. A teenager can use it as a self-contained place for permanent living, or it will be useful when friends or family drop by for an extended visit. This will require a larger budget, as factors such as damp proofing and more extensive plumbing should be taken into consideration. In such a useful facility older teenagers will have a self-contained place that they can call their own, bring their friends to, and enjoy their own hobbies in relative peace and quiet.



Decorating is easy, as cheap paint is all that is needed to brighten up the walls. It is likely that the teenager will want to pitch in and help out, so decorating will take very little time. It is wise to keep things simple, as teenage tastes often change and it will be expensive to keep updating things. Simple floor coverings such as easy-to-clean rugs are ideal.

Teenage hobbies


If the child is arty, they may appreciate their own space to hone their craft. A budding photographer, for example, might appreciate this extra space for a darkroom; a dancer might want their space to be kitted out with a large mirror, wooden floor and a barre. Painters might need the windows to let in plenty of natural light while they work, and academically gifted teenagers might like a quiet area to study that can also house their books and other reference materials. It is worth considering a child’s hobbies when creating a space for them and ensuring that it is as personal as they need it to be.