When you are living in a tight living space, it can be incredibly difficult to ever have enough space for all of your items. When this happens, you just need to find a few ways to add some extra storage to your home.

There are several different ways you can go about doing this, all without losing space for items you currently have.

While there are more than these three items available to you, you are likely going to find that these three might prove the most efficient.

Furniture Storage


You can locate furniture storage in several different formats, so just about no matter what you are looking for, you are able to find this kind of storage unit. If you need additional storage in your living room, there are ottomans that allow you to remove the lid and have ample storage for children’s toys, books, throw blankets or anything else you might want. This is the same with some coffee tables as well. You can find coffee tables that provide both drawer storage and open up on the top manually, so you can set in just about anything you want, including your movie collection, video game controllers or a variety of other items. For the bedroom, you can opt into a bed that has drawers that slide in and out, which gives you space for extra blankets or items you might need close to the bed, and there are even benches you can place in a hallway or the bathroom that have a flip up top for added storage.



Probably the area you need extra storage the most is in the bathroom. There really isn’t all that much space to install new cabinets or extra storage, but it is possible to increase the storage you do have. There are shelving units that fit directly over the toilet seat, so you can increase the amount of storage you do have, all without having to take up valuable floor space. There are also rings that can hold toilet paper so you don’t have to stack this up in a separate area either.



If you have a large shoe collection, this can be difficult to store and still see. Thankfully, there are storage racks that will fit on the back side of a door (such as the door in your closet), that can hold dozens of pairs of shoes, all without taking up any sort of floor space.

Last, but not least, you can always do self storage to store items that you may not need access to right away. This is a more expensive option but there are great companies out there that offer discounts and ways to save in the long run.