Modern Windows

The media has been talking about the benefits of loft insulation, double glazing, and other “green” initiatives for decades. It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that if you got in early on the double glazing craze, you’re well ahead of the game and there’s no need to consider new windows. However, modern technology has made many advances in the world of windows, and you might be surprised when you hear what modern windows can offer.

Improved Durability

Modern UPVC window frames are attractive, durable, and easy to clean. They are long-lasting, and they won’t rot or warp in the way that wooden frames sometimes do.  UPVC frames are generally considered to be more secure than wooden frames.

More Security and Safety

A number of innovations have been made in the world of glass coatings that toughen or strengthen glass. Double glazed windows have always been difficult to break, but the new coatings make them even tougher, and some of the coatings are designed to ensure that the glass does not shatter into a huge number of sharp fragments, meaning that you’re less likely to get hurt if a window did somehow break.

If you’re concerned about how you would get out of your home through a window if there was a fire, then don’t be. Modern double glazing installations are designed so that the windows can safely and easily be used as escape routes in a fire.

Even Better Insulation

Another benefit of newer window pane coatings is insulation. Modern double glazed windows are designed so that the glass has an improved insulating effect – keeping heat in when you want it to, but also stopping your home from becoming a greenhouse in the summer.  So, not only do you save on heating bills, your comfort is improved too.

Noise Reduction

A nice side effect of double glazing, especially when combined with modern window frames, is noise reduction. This is one reason why people in cities love double glazed windows. Nottingham, for example, has a lot of residential properties near busy roads, and people living in such areas appreciate the way double glazed windows keep out the sounds of traffic and passers-by.

Stormclad WindowsThe noise-reducing effect works both ways. This means that if you like to party, or watch TV late at night, people who live nearby will appreciate it if you have well insulated walls and double glazing!

If you already have double glazing, then you may be enjoying many of these benefits. However, if your windows are quite old, and have wooden frames, you may benefit from upgrading to more modern designs.

There may be safety reasons for upgrading too – for example if your upstairs windows don’t open far enough to be used as a fire escape.

Those on a low income will be pleased to learn that there is a lot of financial aid available for the installation of double glazing. However, it’s important to note that this funding is usually available only in cases where the homeowner does not have any form of double glazing.

This post was written on behalf of Stormclad, experts in double glazed windows Nottingham.