Although the nights are technically getting lighter, and the days warmer, you could be forgiven for thinking this winter will last forever – especially as the sub-zero temperatures which have frozen the US made headlines over the last few weeks.

Conserving heat and keeping warm is an absolute priority during December to February.


Here are a few hints and tips to ensure your home stays cozy without heating bills breaking the bank.

Bundles of Blankets

As with keeping your body warm, layering is key to keeping your bed warm too. Add a bed sheet in-between you and your duvet and you’re sure to notice the difference immediately. If you have a fleece blanket to-hand, drape this across the top of your duvet for extra warmth.

Don’t forget to swap your summer duvet for your high tog winter one too!

Rugs and Mats

If you’ve decked your bedroom with a hardwood floor, you may find that the room is harder to heat than carpeted spaces. To keep your feet warm before you sleep, add a beautiful shaggy rug to your sleeping space and your tootsies will be cosy in an instant.

For more inspiration, view our guide to decorating your bedroom on a budget.


You may not think it, but a high-quality mattress is better at trapping your body heat than a budget one. If you’re super-cold, place a fleece mattress protector under your fitted sheet and you’ll reap the benefits of a cosy night’s sleep in no time. Independent retailers Oldrids & Downtown offer a range of Tempur mattresses that are designed to keep you insulated during the twilight hours.


If your bedtimes change on a day-by-day basis, knowing when to put your heating on can be a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, technology has finally aligned with your household heating system, and the likes of Hive and Lightwave RF let homeowners control their heating via desktop, tablet or mobile.

The app lets you change your heating schedule at the swipe of a screen, so if you’re working late or fancy an early night, you can warm your bedroom without having to manually touch your thermostat.