Juggling Mom

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Juggling a few small tasks isn’t that hard.

When you just have to feed the baby and cook dinner, you can usually do both with minimal stress. But, when you have to take care of the baby, go to work, bring older children to soccer practice, file taxes and do a number of other tasks, you can see how the stress starts to pile up. Even insignificant problems will make you blow up, which isn’t healthy for anyone

Before going off the deep end, learn these few tips to help you juggle all the tasks in your day so you can get everything done without getting too stressed out.

Make a Schedule

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Most busy moms think they don’t have the time to make a schedule, or that it won’t be very useful. The truth is that a schedule is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. It lets you focus on what tasks have to be completed, you can feed a sense of accomplishment when you erase or cross out one of the tasks and this ensures that you don’t forget anything.

You can use a spare piece of paper, or you can even get a chalk or dry-erase board. If you are a working mother, then it is best to make one list for home and one for work, so you can keep the two separate.

Reduce Workload

How can you reduce your workload throughout the week? There are many ways to accomplish this, but it may be a little hard to make your mind work like this at first. Think about a task you have to do that takes several hours or all day. For example, doing all the laundry on Sunday. Laundry for the whole family can often take several hours or longer.

Instead of doing this task only on Sunday, why not do it two or three times a week? It will still take the same amount of time overall, but it would take just one hour of work on Wednesday, another hour of Friday and a third hour on Sunday. Try to find big tasks and split them up throughout the week so they are manageable.

Manage your Human Resources

Your significant other is the perfect person to help you out with the chores. Assign one or more tasks and let this person throughout the week, like putting the children to sleep or doing some of the laundry. This allows you to have some free time, and it makes it easier to do all the work needed as a mom.

Unless you have a toddler, then you can probably assign one or more small tasks to your children. Small kids usually like to help their mom, and bigger kids will just have to understand that they need to help around the house. For example, tell your child to clean up his or her toys or help bring the dishes over to the sink. Your children may not be able to do much, especially when they are younger, but it can still be helpful.

Separate Work and Home

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Many moms find that separating work and home is very difficult, but it is also essential. If you had a bad workday and something happens at home, then you are likely to explode. This is because you are bringing all the stress of work to your house, which makes it hard for the mind to relieve that stress.

Before coming home, make sure you decompress and calm yourself down. It’s not your child’s fault that work was stressful, so you could not take that stress out on him or her.

The same applies for bringing home to work. If you are working and your child is sick, you need to decide about staying home or trusting someone with the child. If you go to work, don’t call the house all day to see how the child is doing. Stay focused on work.


Juggling tasks is a skill learned by all mothers, and there are plenty of methods out there for best accomplishing this. Follow these tips, and you should find your home and work life to be much easier.