Adding color to a home is easy, but it can be a little trickier to get various color tones into the rooms and make them look good. The technique is known as tone on tone coloring and is a popular decorative approach.

One color is selected for the given room and then various shades of the same are used.  This means that the room is given much more depth than is traditionally associated with walls that exhibit just one hue.

Color in the homeColors for different rooms

The trends for colors vary depending upon the room.  The shades used for kitchens and bathrooms tend to be lighter, although adding darker colors to kitchens is now becoming more popular, particularly for those who have chosen lighter kitchen cabinets.  Living rooms are perfect for warmer colors, and any color option can be used in bedrooms.  Black and white can be used to add a little contrast to any chosen color scheme, as these are neutral and will work with anything.

Color tones for walls

Colors added to walls can be layered.  It is recommended that a darker color is used and then lighter shades added to other walls.  For a dramatic effect, use more than two colors.  Inspiration can be taken from a favorite piece of artwork on the walls.  The walls will then complement the art.

While it has been the trend for some time to add color in the form of soft furnishings and other accessories, different approaches can yield attractive results. The furniture and other items can be kept fairly neutral and colors added to the walls, with just the occasional item in the room chosen to match them.

Doors and windows

The doors and windows of a room are an easy way to get different color tones into the area.  Keeping woodwork white is a popular option for those who want to keep it simple, but this is also a good place to add a little color.  A complementary tone can be used on the woodwork around the doors and windows.  Curtains and blinds are also a good place to pick out different tones for a room, while adding texture by choosing different fabrics helps to really round off the design.

For a different look entirely, opt for window shutters.  Custom DIY shutters are available online, and they are easy to fit and add a touch of character to any room.  They also have the added benefit of acting as insulation for the room, keeping essential heat in.  The shutters come in a variety of colors or can be painted a suitable shade to work with the color scheme chosen for the room.

Other aspects of the room can also be taken into consideration.  Flooring is usually kept neutral but adding color here is easily done with carpets and rugs, and there are various different shades of wooden flooring on the market.  If wooden flooring is chosen then it is a good idea to opt for something that will work with various colors on the walls. This means that if a new color scheme is needed, the flooring will still work.