Red Living RoomIn interior decorating, the color red has the power to create a dramatic effect that no other color does. Whether you choose brick red, scarlet or blood red in a room, your choice of palette will quickly transform it into an exciting space that you love to be in. Here are a few ideas on how to introduce the color red into the décor of your living room.

Choosing to paint an accent wall red

Picking one wall to turn a vibrant shade of red is one of the quickest ways to bring a dramatic rush of red into your living room. You can choose to color your accent wall in a number of ways. While using paint is cheap and quick, you could go for a more dramatic effect by lacquering a wall, instead. Red lacquer is deeply glossy and impressive.

Blood red curtains

Some people believe that red curtains only belong in a bordello. Others, though, love the luxurious feel of heavy, red, velvet curtains that take them back to the time when, as children, they visited an old-fashioned movie theater. They remember how excited they were to see the curtain rising ahead of the feature. You can choose bright red floor-to-ceiling curtains covering a large glass area of your living room.

How about red art?

Mark Rothko’s Orange, Red, Yellow is a mostly red masterpiece of modern art that’s about 8 feet tall. While the original is worth £50 million, you can pick up a full-sized print for no more than £20. A number of top contemporary artists tend to use large expanses of red in their paintings. You could try decorating your walls with a few of these prints. Not only would it be great taste, you’d quickly and cheaply cover a lot of area with red.

Get red accent furniture

Contemporary furniture retailers like are aware of the trend red decorative touches in the living room. You can find red framed mirrors, red writing desks and lamp tables, coffee tables and accent chairs. These can help you set out a general theme in red in your living room.

Ideas to help you introduce red accents in your living room

If you have a bright, airy living room with neutral colors all over – blues, browns and blacks, bringing in a bit of contrast with a few red velvet throw pillows and a red rug under the coffee table can make for a cozy effect. You can find people gravitating to the sofas just for the warmth suggested by the red throw pillows.

While it’s a good idea to choose a few red objects to go around your living room, it can be a good design touch too, to use a red object that draws attention to itself for a reason other than its color. For instance, instead of a coffee table, you could place an old deep red apothecary table or chest in the center of the room. If the age of the chest is clear to see in its old-world craftsmanship, it can be a startling contrast to the rest of your living room.

A large potted rosebush next to the window can be another novel way to bring in the color red. A blooming rosebush can be difficult for anyone to tear their eyes away from. It can lend special character to a room to introduce a color in the form of an object that is interesting in its own right.