Home remodeling is ideal if you want to significantly change your home design.

If you are wary of such a major overhaul, or unsure of it, or just plain bored of the status quo, you may want to give your home a quick spruce-up to see if you can transform it into something more exciting.

Fortunately, this is rather easy to do and can be a lot of fun. It’s your chance to be creative so don’t hold back. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Bright couch pillows

Get bright-colored covers

This can be done in one shopping trip. Get new cushion and pillow covers for your living room sofa. Think of colors like red, gold, royal blue, peacock green, etc. Replace your old white rug with a brighter, more pleasant variety. Get new bedding sets in pleasant colors for your bedrooms, and towel sets in vibrant colors for your bathroom. Colors can fix any mood and instantly change the vibe of a place, so don’t shy away from experimenting with them.

Prettify your windows

Put simply, this means give them a nice cleaning and decorate them with beautiful curtains, blinds, shades, or drapes. There are excellent draping options available in the market; from eco-friendly wooden blinds to faux blinds to designer roman blinds and shades, you are spoiled for choice. Curtains, too, can pack a punch. Flimsy with floral patterns flying in a light breeze, or heavy ones that can block the sun, choose your pick.


Decorate with faux flowers and fruits

Real flowers are great but not very convenient. It is one thing to replace them daily in your big blue vase and quite another to have them, in colorful varieties, adorning your walls, side tables, and shelves. Artificial flowers are getting more beautiful by the day. You can have silk red flowers by your TV set, or green leaves on a malleable delicate stem wrapping itself around your white shelves and brown curtain poles. The possibilities are endless!

Bowls of artificial fruits can be placed strategically around the house – on kitchen countertops, on the dining table, in the living room, on the mantelshelf, etc. — to give the space an instant pop of color. Unlike real fruits, you won’t have to worry about them going stale, starting to smell, or losing their sheen. Just give them a nice wipe and see them sparkle.

What about the walls?

If the color on your walls is so old that it is peeling off then a paint job is the best way to fix it though it is hardly an instant way of doing it. However, in case your walls look only slightly jaded, you may scrub them to reveal cleaner layers underneath. If you have any paintings lying in the basement, retrieve them and put them on display. Buy a wall-sized painting of your favorite city and hang it up. Even better, purchase a beautiful photo frame and fill it with your most flattering picture or anything that would instantly put a smile on your face.

Spice up your doors

This need not be anything heavy like replacing them; merely repainting them in a new color and interesting designs can do the trick. You can also give them stylish door handles and stoppers. Try antique-looking ones made of brass; not only do they look beautiful they will also give yours doors nineteenth-century elegance. In case the antique look clashes with the overall theme of your home, you can opt for handles of a different theme. Door accessories come in a wide and impressive range, and can be easily found online if not in your nearest store.


Look to origami for fun creations of your own

Create origami butterflies, animals, or birds with colorful paper and stick them up in a random pattern on your book shelves, doors, windows, walls, kitchen cabinets, wherever you feel like. Try to involve your children in doing this, they will love it and you will spend some quality time together. In case you are a stranger to origami, there are some excellent tutorials available online. Look them up and you could be making your first jumping frog in no time

Use candles, lamps, and wind chimes for a romantic touch

Don’t dismiss them as too corny, scented candles can enliven the most dead of places. They look beautiful and smell even better. They come in all shapes, colors, and fragrances. They can stand on their own or float in water bowls. If they still don’t interest you, lampshades are another option for an evening dressed in soft light and beautiful patterns. Look for ingenious designs; luckily they aren’t hard to find. Bring home a couple of wind chimes for refreshing mornings and calm evenings. These can be hung in your living room, your patio, or even in the kitchen. Their soft tunes diffuse tension and lend a romantic charm to the place.