How to wrap a Christmas Gift

Always paid the mall to wrap your Christmas presents, and you do not know how? This easy step-by-step guide will tells you exactly how to wrap a Christmas gift like a professional. Your presents will be things of beauty instead of being embarrassed by crumbly paper or presents that are not completely covered.

Steps to how to wrap a Christmas gift:

Step 1

Gather materials. A pair of sharp scissors, a roll of wrapping paper, clear plastic tape and a large clean flat surface, like the dining room table. When buying supplies, there are special scissors made just for cutting paper, and the higher priced thick paper is easier to work with

Step 2

Have gifts handy. First, take a good look at the present. If it already in a rectangular or square box, you may proceed to the next step.

If the gift is not in a box, or is in an irregularly shaped box, you need a box big enough to hold the gift.

People today sometimes chose paper or cloth gift bags. Unless you can make them yourself, they are more expensive, but they are easy to use. Put your gift in, tie it with a bow, and you are done.

Step 3

Choose the paper and determine the amount needed for the present. Now the correct amount of gift wrap to use must be determined. Using a clear open area, perhaps the dining room or kitchen table, gather your supplies, and open the wrap. Unroll just a little of the paper with the decorated side face down.

Put your box on top of the paper, which makes it easier to decide how much paper is needed. Unroll the paper, about twice the amount of box. Cut the piece from the rest of the roll. Do not worry if it’s not in a straight line, that does not matter.ON the top of the paper, fold it under so you have a clean line.

Finally, Step 4

Wrap your gift.With all that done, you can move on to the actual placement of the paper and tape.
Put the present in the center of the paper. Notice the ends – two are long and two are short. Wrap the long ends around the present, applying small thin pieces of clear tape. Run your fingers along the edges of the box to make a square edge.

Push the short ends around the other sides of the present and tape in place. This leaves four flaps of paper to be dealt with. Fold the flaps in half and secure on top with tape. Be sure to crease each edge for a professionally finished look.

Any other tips around wrapping Christmas gifts?