Bathroom RemodelingBathrooms are one of the most fascinating spaces of a home. Updating or remodeling the bathroom is a very important part of your home improvement projects and one of the best investments you can make into your home. A remodeled or updated bathroom has some economic value too, especially if you have a plan to sell off your house.

An ageing bathroom is often an eyesore in a renovated beautiful home. And it may create annoyance every single time you step into the bathroom for a shower or stand in front of the bathroom sink.

It is true that everybody can’t afford a major bathroom remodeling as it can be really expensive, but you CAN remodel your bathroom without breaking the bank!

Here are some tips on bathroom remodeling within a limited budget:

  • Create an inventory – Create a detailed inventory of all cosmetic and structural issues of your bathroom before you opt for bathroom remodeling (even for bathroom remodeling Scottsdale). Be specific about the rots on the walls, piping issues, old electric wiring and outlets, chipped paintings, any unattractive vanity, dull lighting and anything else which you want to be included as a part of bathroom remodeling.
  • Fix structural issues – First, you need to pay attention towards structural issues of the bathroom as these may have affected the functional ability of the bathroom for many years. It may cost you more to fix the structural faults as you need to call a pro to fix them. Check which parts like painting the walls you can remodel by yourself to reduce the cost of remodeling. However, for removing tiles, adding new lighting fixtures, installing new shelves or some other works you will need a professional.
  • Remodeling a BathroomConsider easy options – You should look for simple options. Like, you may opt for self-adhesive tiles to install on the walls. Check how a small change in the light fixtures may hide a cosmetic flaw. You can also mask some flaws by strategically placing posters or paintings.
  • Replace old items – Replace low-cost, dull and old items and see how your bathroom looks. Replace old mat with a colorful new mat. Change of toilette seat and medicine cabinet can also successfully enhance the look of the bathroom. Wax the old bathtub to bring its shine back.
  • Add low-cost but new items – Add some inexpensive but new and attractive items to the bathroom. You may fix sconces and use them as candle-holders. You may use aromatic candles to soothe your sense. Choose reasonably priced fixtures. Since your budget restricts, you should shop around a bit to get the best looking and enduring fixture at a low cost.
  • Hire a sub-contractor – He must be well recommended and should listen to your requirements. It is not so easy to find such a pro, but when your budget is limited, you must spend some time for this.

These are just some of many techniques through which you can change the look of your old and gloomy bathroom and make it eye-soothing without breaking the bank. Do you have any other techniques?