A few weeks back, my wife and I put yourself to the task to redecorate our church youth room by painting the walls & adding just a few items here and there to put some ‘life’ back in. I had no clue on painting the ‘right way’ so, I Googled it and found a massive amount of videos.

Here is a wrap-up of some of my¬†favorite¬†ones that I found super helpful…


With over 334 thousand views, this how to paint a wall video from Howcast.com is by far the best one that I’ve see yet. In under 3 minutes, you’ll learn about the materials you’ll need to paint your wall & the right steps to take. Now, if only painting took that long, ha!

ExpertRealEstate Tips

Really great ‘hands on’ video showing you exactly how to paint a wall and cut-in. I defiantly took all the tips Andy Sjostrom shared and applied them to our little project. Little longer video, 7 minutes, but worth watching every second if you were like me and clueless.


Great video from an ol’timer on some basic wall painting principles. This was the first one that said start painting horizontally and finish vertically. I decide to go vertical, in a “W” format, and it worked perfectly – however, I’ve heard many others say this is really the correct way of doing it!


In this video Mr. Bob Schmidt goes over some interesting ways to make your life easier when painting. Highly recommend taking 3 minutes to watch this – it’ll save you a ton of time and money!


A few helpful tips specific to painting the trim & molding before starting on the big walls. The corner & cutting-in tools really do make painting easier & faster!