Sometimes clutter can creep up on us and before you know it, your bedroom needs several hours spending on it to get everything tidy again.

Having to work around clutter in the bedroom is not going to help you get into bed in a relaxed frame of mind so here are some tips on how to clear the clutter and clear your mind ready for sleep.


How to de-clutter

According to the dictionary, clutter means a confusing or disorderly state and at worst it can also be a symptom of compulsive hoarding.

Most of us do not have a compulsion for hoarding but we do lead very busy lives and it is not always easy to make the time to clear up constantly. This is how clutter in your bedroom can suddenly become a noticeable issue, so you need to try and lower the stress levels that be brought on by seeing so much mess and untidiness around you.

Tidy house

It is often said that a tidy house promotes a tidy mind and if you have to hop around the room avoiding piles of clothes and debris on the floor then that is going to be a major distraction when it comes to trying to put that out of your mind as you climb into bed at night.

What you really want to try and do in order to keep mess out of sight and out of mind is to make it as easy as possible to clear everything away as quickly and easily as possible.

Look at ways to re-design your bedroom so that you can create as much storage space as possible and put the room space to the best possible use.

Storage ideas

There are lots of inventive and simple storage ideas to consider and one of the most simple but effective ideas to implement would be to make use of bed bases.

Bed Bases, such as the ones on the website, do not take up any extra space as they are an integral part of your bed and simply make use of what would otherwise be wasted space underneath. You can store lots of clothes and other items underneath your bed using a bed base and it will help you to instantly clear a fair amount of clutter and instantly lift the feel of the room when it looks tidier.

You can never have enough storage space

A major problem with some bedroom designs is that they do not provide enough storage space. Many people tend to under-estimate the amount of storage space that they need, so aim to create as many storage options as possible, as you will almost certainly end up using them all at some point.

Vertical storage

Don’t forget to make use of any vertical space that you have on your walls, especially if you have a small bedroom with fairly limited floor space.

Put shelves on the walls for storing items and try to use furniture that is as tall as possible so that you maximise the storage space on offer.

If you can clear your clutter by re-organising your bedroom, you will almost certainly help to clear your mind and have a greater chance of a more restful sleep in your tidy surroundings.

Isobel Wright is a professional home organizer. She loves writing about how to get organized on interior design blogs.