If you’re considering giving your living room a makeover.

I definitely recommend taking a step back and thinking about ways to make it a bit more unique than your standard living room design.

Don’t worry – this doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Read on for lots of simple tips on making your living room stand out.

Don’t be afraid to put your stamp on the place

living room

living room (Photo credit: ooh_food)

First of all, I want to stress that you shouldn’t be afraid of putting your own stamp on the room. By all means, get inspiration from magazines and showrooms, but there’s no need to stick to their suggestions. Instead, take what you like and add your own personal touch.

For example, if you love colour, create a really bright living room. OK, so design gurus might say you should temper it with neutral tones, but if you’re after something quirky and energetic, go for it! The main thing is that you like it.

Get creative with lighting

Next up, I think it really pays to be creative with lighting. Use a mixture of ceiling lights, lamps and uplighters, for example, to achieve a cosy glow.

Plus, there’s plenty of scope for getting unusual lamps, rather than the standard designs. Personally, I absolutely love the look of Moroccan floor lamps (you can see some examples of what I mean at Moroccan Bazaar); these instantly create a relaxed atmosphere, both by the fact that they sit directly on the floor, which creates an informal feel, and their warm light.

Unusual furniture and knick-knacks

A really simple way to make your living room stand out is to add some quirky furniture or unusual accessories. You can get some great looking furniture such as oak console table uk online at great prices. You could go all-out and add lots of these, or simply pick out a striking sofa or chair and use it as a focal point of the room – something I’ll talk more about below.

In terms of accessories, I like sprinkling knick-knacks about the room – especially things I’ve picked up on my travels or gifts from friends and family. I think this makes the room really personal, but I’ll admit that it’s maybe not ideal if you’re worried about the space feeling cluttered.

Create an unusual focal point

My next tip is to have a focal point which isn’t the TV, since this is what most living room designs seem to be based around. You have two main options here – you can pick a focal point to accentuate, or create one.

If you want to do the former, fireplaces, paintings and good views are all worthy focal points, which you can highlight by angling the furniture towards them. Alternatively, make your own focal point by putting together a picture wall, where you can put all your photos and artwork.

My final tip is to consider dividing up the room, which is, of course, somewhat dependant on how much space you have. What I like about this idea is that it can make larger rooms much cosier, as well as give you distinct areas to spend time in.

For example, you could use decorative screens or strategically placed bookcases to split a TV-watching area from a dining space. The beauty of this is that you can tailor it to your household’s individual needs, such as by marking out a fun area for the kids, or even a snug reading corner for adults. Get creative!