Christmas Tree Fresh Until Christmas

Does the tree you bought for Christmas a few days before the holiday look a little droopy? Have the needles lost their juiciness and are now brittle and even falling off to form a nice mulch of pine needles around the Christmas tree stand? How do you keep the Christmas tree fresh until Christmas?

These are three things to do to make sure that the tannenbaum remains perky, green and luscious throughout the holiday.

Don’t Buy the Tree Too Soon Before Christmas

One way to keep a Christmas free fresh until Christmas is not to buy it too soon. A tree bought a few days after Thanksgiving and some trees do go on sale that early, is just not going to be its best when Christmas finally rolls around. Buy the tree a few days before Christmas.

Ideally, take the family to a Christmas tree farm, choose the tree, have it cut and take it home. Trees that make great Christmas trees are Fraser Firs, Virginia and Scotch pines, Grand Firs, Noble Firs, White Spruce and Colorado Blue Spruce.

Put the Tree in Cool Water

When the tree is home, fill a stand with a gallon of cool water. Saw another inch off the bottom of the tree and place it in the stand. Capillary action will draw the water up into the tree, as it does with a cut flower and will do much to keep it fresh.

Some people claim that putting aspirin in the water acts as a preservative, but the water should be straight from the tap and unadulterated. Add water to the stand every day and don’t let the water evaporate. If that happens, the tree will no longer be able to take water up into itself.

Keep the Tree Away From Heat

A Christmas tree near the fireplace looks cozy, but it’s going to be hard to keep it fresh if it stays in that location. Keep it away from the radiator and the heat register as well. Ideally, it should be in a coolish room and away from direct sunlight. But the tree must be kept away from a source of heat if it’s to say supple.