Conveyancing is a necessary part of selling and buying property of any kind.

It refers to the process by which all of the legal documents are handled and exchanged during the final stages of completing a property transfer, and is the last step before such a transfer can be completed.

Many people try to cut costs during the conveyancing process, with some even choosing to perform their own conveyancing. This isn’t advisable, due to the complex and often lengthy nature of conveyancing and the number of things which can go wrong – with potentially disastrous consequences. But it is possible to save on the costs of conveyancing if you go about it in the right way.

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Finding a Great Conveyancing Quote

The first step in finding the best conveyancing quote for you is to shop around. There are many conveyancing solicitors available, many of whom will give you different cost estimates on your conveyancing. Some will include their fees in the overall cost and some won’t, and the less reputable conveyancing solicitors may even try to include additional and unnecessary disbursements in the fine print of your contract.

One myth about finding a conveyancing solicitor is that they need to be local to you. You can easily find cheap conveyancing online by doing adequate research, and online conveyancing solicitors often offer better quotes than can be found on the high street. However if your conveyancing will involve any special addendums, such as altering boundaries or dividing a property, it is always wise to remember that your conveyancing solicitor will need to be able to visit the property in question.

The most important thing to remember when looking for the best deal on conveyancing is that sometimes the ‘best’ deal doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest. In conveyancing, as with other things in life, you may find that you get what you pay for – or you pay a low price to begin with and end up with additional costs later on.

Conveyancing Solicitor

Choosing the Best Conveyancing Solicitor

The right conveyancing solicitor will be in possession of a good mix of experience and expertise, and will be both able and willing to answer any and all questions  that you  might have. When dealing with a firm, you should make sure that they have a residential conveyancing department, or at least one member of staff who deals in such matters and who will be assigned directly to you. You should be able to speak to your conveyancing solicitor whenever necessary, and your conveyancer – or the firm they belong to – should be on your lender’s list of approved panels.

To keep costs down, find a conveyancing solicitor who works on a fixed fee basis and, if possible, find one who employs a ‘No Move No Fee’ agreement – since one third of sales fail to complete, this may potentially save you a lot of money. Finally, make sure your solicitor is capable of itemising all your costs. This will keep you informed at all times as to the true cost of your conveyancing.