The art of home decorating is very difficult to get right, and often you can be left unsure whether your ideas are spot on or totally off key. That’s why I’ve put together some suggestions of how you can decorate your home if you’re a collector of mahogany furniture. Read on to find out more.


When I think of mahogany furniture, I imagine grand homes with antique pieces and deep, rich tones on the walls, floors and accessories. There’s something quite regal about this type of dark wooden furniture, so I think it’s important to make sure whatever accessories you buy highlight this.

The curtains you choose in your bedrooms and living rooms is a crucial decision, as you can either get ones that really complement your table and chairs or wardrobe, or ones that really don’t. I would avoid short curtains in a light-coloured material or with big patterns on, as these look distinctly modern.

Instead, reproduction mahogany furniture is designed to appear as though it was built during the Victorian or Georgian periods, so I’d choose long, thick curtains – which are also ideal at trapping the heat in – in a dark shade. Reds or purples are good choices, as they will enhance the natural colour of the furniture, while adding warmth to your home.


Rugs are also good additions to have, particularly if your home is covered in wooden floors. I’d love to replace my carpet with wooden boards, but if I did so, I’d definitely make sure I put a rug or two down in places. Not only will this give the rooms some character and texture, but they will also help keep the rooms warmer, which is a bonus during the wintertime.

In terms of colour, I would again go for a dark shade. I think you can afford to have an intricate pattern on your rugs, especially if you’ve got block colours on your walls and curtains.


I always think it’s nice to have mood lighting in living rooms, so you can unwind at the end of the day without the full glare of a bright central light. While I’d fit spotlights, dimmer switches and quirky modern lamps in contemporary flats, my approach to choosing lighting in period properties (or at least homes with antique-looking furniture) would be totally different.


In my opinion, the best type of lamp to go for would be a tall one with a tarnished metal stand and a large lampshade. You can put this beside your sofa or in the corner of the room, as this will provide enough light for people to comfortably watch TV or chat with one another, while not being too bright or taking up too much room.

You could also put a shorter version on a set of nested tables or your bedside table. You might not have space for a tall type of lamp, or you may wish to add a bit more light if your room is large. Of course, if you have a Georgian style mahogany desk, I would definitely opt for a green banker’s lamp for a very traditional appearance. It’ll look great if you have clients visiting your office and you have this very stylish accessory on display!

Table decorations

The other thing you can use to make a feature of your furniture is table decorations. If you have a large mahogany dining table, I would put a lace runner down the middle and display a large vase with a church candle in the middle. This look is simple, but I think it’s really effective and classic – you don’t have to worry about it appearing outdated or not in keeping with the style of the rest of the dining room.

All you have to consider after that is finding tableware that matches the theme of the room, and you’ll create a superb ambiance for dinner parties!