When decorating a home it is important to incorporate a substantial amount of color and character into the design. Generally, a person will spend a great deal of time within their house, relaxing, socializing and entertaining and so ensuring that is well presented, cosy and sophisticated is of great importance. One, often overlooked, area of the home that has plenty of potential is that of the window. Once dressed with attractive and sleek patterns, a whole room can be transformed.

Blind Patterns

Deciding which window treatments to feature in a newly decorated room can be difficult, with hundreds of styles, colors and designs to choose from. A particular favorite amongst home owners and interior designers is the use of patterned roller blinds. Not only are they relatively cheap to buy and come in a variety of designs, they are also tidy and sleek.

Red Blind Patterns

During the day, as the sun is shining, roller blinds can be rolled up; revealing picturesque views from the outside. However at night, once the sun goes down, the dark and dull view can be replaced with a pretty pattern that complements the room perfectly. Natural sunlight can easily filter through into the home, whilst at night they offer privacy and security. Popular designs include flowers, plants and general abstract art.

Black Blind Pattern

Finding the perfect design for the interior décor of a home can be difficult. It is possible, however, to design your very own roller blinds. The majority of hard ware stores and craft shops sell DIY kits that include iron-on appliques. Alternatively, a plain roller blind can be purchased and stamped with paints. This can be particularly advantageous for those who possess a creative flair that needs to be represented in their décor.

White Blind Patterns

When decorating a child’s room, their personality should come across to give it a more personal feel. One idea for designing your own roller blinds is to hand or foot stamp the fabric. Not only will this be the perfect finish but will also make a great keep sake for future years.