Many factors need to be considered when choosing an above ground pool.

When picking out a pool, you will have to decide whether you want a portable pool that can be disassembled and moved to a new home or one that cannot be moved.

Above ground pool

Above Ground Pools and Property Lines

Many cities, towns and villages have certain legal requirements when installing an above ground pool. Before making a decision on which above ground pool you would like to purchase, you need to figure out how far away must your pool be installed away from property lines, your house and other structures in your yard. By taking the time to find out if there are any restrictions as to where an above ground pool can be installed, you will know how much space you have in your backyard. This will help you decide what type of pool you should buy.

Above ground pool Budget

The Size of Your Pool and Your Overall Budget

Once you determine how large of a pool you would like to install, then you have to think about your budget. Larger pools are typically more expensive than smaller pools, but there are some exceptions. Other things like decks, filters and other equipment that you may want or need to purchase have to be factored into the overall equation.

Measuring for a Pool

How to Choose The Best Shape and Size Above Ground Pool

When choosing a pool, you have to consider how many people you expect to be using the pool at the same time. If you have a larger family, then you may definitely want to consider purchasing a larger above ground pool. If you have a small family, then a smaller above ground pool may be your best choice. Since many above ground pools are not intended for smaller children, you may be to get away with buying a smaller pool and buying a small inflatable pool that your smaller children can use.

Choosing the right shape pool is also important. Most above ground pools are either round or rectangular in shape. Deciding which one will work for your property may ultimately come down to how much space you have and the layout of your backyard. In addition, how you are currently using your existing space may also have an impact on your decision.

Most people do not want their above ground pool to take up all the available space in their backyard. This is particularly true if they already have a designated place for picnic tables, a garden or like having extra space for their kids to run around. Clearly, there are many things that you need to factor into the equation when deciding what types of above ground pool to purchase.

If you already have a deck installed in your backyard, then you may be able to link that deck with a deck that is built around an above ground pool. Homeowners who choose to modify an existing deck to accommodate a pool always wind up spending more money than those who purchase an above ground standalone pool without a deck. To save money, you may want to have an above ground pool installed without a deck. Homeowners that choose this option can always use a ladder to get in and out of their pool.

portable above ground pool vs stationary above ground pool

Portable Pool vs. Stationary Above Ground Pool

If you have plans to move in the near future, then you may want to consider buying a portable pool that can be disassembled and installed elsewhere. If you do not buy a portable above ground pool, then you will have to purchase another above ground pool for your new home once you move. Depending on the cost of portable pools, you may be able to save money by purchasing a stationary above ground pool that cannot be disassembled and moved to another property.

When deciding what type of above ground pool to purchase, you need to consider your budget, the size of your backyard and any legal limitations. Once you have considered everything, you will be ready to make a decision on what above ground pool you would like to purchase.