We are forever being bombarded with advertising and news on becoming more environmentally or eco-friendly, whether that is recycling our waste, buying a lower emission car, or replenishing our rapidly depleting reservoirs by turning off taps and having more showers, rather than baths!

The latest trend which is becoming more commonplace is the use of solar panels on our roofs.

The concept behind this new solar technology is that they capture energy from the sun and then use this harnessed power for domestic heating and electrical purposes.

More homes throughout the UK are being re-roofed with solar panels and family’s around the world are going solar. Fantastic idea, however what happens to those roofs that still have clay and concrete tiles on them?

Redlands new Solar PV integrated system allows for solar panels to be installed on existing tiled roofs; thus blending older building traditions with new technology.


PV stands for Photovoltaic, which in non-jargon terms means roof panels containing silicon (which is a semi-conducting material) that when exposed to sunlight produce an electrical current.  This silicon is installed in the panel in the form of thin layers, known as PV cells. There are different types of PV panels that you can have installed on your roof: Integrated and On-Top.

So in a nutshell these PV panels produce electricity in a cleaner, more eco-friendly manner.  Therefore your electric bill should be less costly.  The new feed in tariff was introduced by the UK government to try and get more homeowners to switch to using solar energy.  The idea behind is it that you receive payment for every unit of electricity you generate.


My Redland Roof gives more information as to PV systems and how they can benefit the homeowner. It also offers an online search facility to enable homeowners to search for an accredited MCS contractor.

The site is aimed purely at homeowners and offers a range of solutions for roofing projects, whether it’s an extension, self-build, or a brand new roof! It shows the different tile ranges that Redland produce and there’s an option for you as the homeowner to visualize your roof through an interactive tile selector that enables you to see what your roof would look like with different types and colors of Redland tiles.

The site is updated regularly with news and features from the roofing industry, and has a forum which gives users a chance to post comments or ask questions about a variety of roofing issues.