Happy Mother's Day

Let’s face it – mothers deserve to be celebrated from time to time and often even deserve to occasionally be showered with gifts. However, if you’ve been buying presents for the mothers in your life for many years worth of birthdays, Mother’s Days and other gift-giving holidays, then you might be out of present ideas. Below are some great home-use gift ideas for Mom that are not only thoughtful but functional as well.

Knot Your Average Yarn Crafts

Even if you can’t crochet or knit (and don’t plan on learning how to) you can easily find someone you know who does or even purchase a handcrafted item online. Throw pillows, blankets, tissue box covers and even adorable little crocheted figures can add a soft touch to Mom’s home.

You can buy patterns to make your own or find an already made throw pillow or blanket.

Adorable Amigurumi creatures are great decor items for a fun-loving Mom!

Gifts for Tech-friendly Moms

If your mom is the type to have all of the latest gadgets then you could consider a few of the following.

Here are a couple of E-reader cover ideas:

You can also consider giving your mom the gift of convenience by organizing and digitizing things like her recipes, old photos that she never seemed to get around to putting in a scrapbook, etc. This would be a great addition to a beautiful E-reader cover!

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Speaking of photographs, they always make good gifts, especially when presented in unique ways. Find a photograph (or have one taken!) and head to your local craft store, thrift store, or even yard sale and find a frame. Once you have the frame, the possibilities of personalization are endless. You can simply paint it a color that matches her home’s color-scheme or even get a bit fancier by mod-podging unique images onto the frame.

Some other great non-crafty ideas include useful items like quality cookware, beautiful stationary and pen sets, art pieces or even porch and garden items.

Your mom takes pride in her home and she probably takes a lot of pride in you, too. Giving Mom a gift for her home from her pride and joy is always a perfect present.