In recent years, the home office has become a central area in our houses, as more of us choose to work from remotely.

With computers, printers and office supplies to think of, running a study is not always environmentally friendly. However, by making some small changes, your space can be a whole lot greener.

Here’s how:


Recycled paper

Although laptops, tablet devices and email have revolutionized how we work, we are still heavily reliant on paper. Whether it’s jotting down notes or printing out documents, our paper usage can be sky high – meaning bad news for the environment.

While we may try to reduce our paper consumption wherever possible, selecting recycled paper can limit the impact of what we do use. You can stock up on some high-quality reams of recycled paper from companies like The Green Office.


Continuing along the theme of paper usage, much of what we do use gets thrown away as general waste when it could quite easily be recycled. The thought of sorting through rubbish is what puts most people off, however, by investing in a separate recycling bin for your office, you can simply and easily do your bit for the environment.

These color-coded bins, available from Argos, can help you distinguish your office waste, making recycling a quick and easy task.

Refillable ink cartridges

When our printers run out of ink, many of us do not hesitate to head to the store to pick up a whole new cartridge. Not only is this costly, it results in perfectly good empty ink cartridges heading to the landfill site.

Instead of tossing your old cartridges in the bin, consider using companies like Cartridge World. In an effort to lower the millions of cartridges going to waste each year in the UK, the company will credit your online account for each one you return to them to be recycled.

Or, why not get your empty cartridges refilled? Companies like The Ink Company offer this service and it can often be a lot cheaper than buying brand new ones.