When installing lights in the home many home owners struggle to make a decision as they often don’t understand the purpose of each bulb.

This often results in poorly lit rooms due to the lack of help they received when choosing the lights.

To make this easier Meteor Electrical has comprised a simple guide to help you choose the right bulbs for your home.

Incandescent bulbs

lights_incandescentsIncandescent light bulbs are most commonly recognised as the standard light bulb that can be seen in nearly every single home. These bulbs have been providing us with a source of lighting for years as they are easy to install and provide instant light as soon as they are pushed or screwed in. However as these bulbs have been around the longest they are seen as the least energy efficient of all bulbs as they were not designed to save energy. The loss of heat in the bulb contributes to their poor life span as they have been known to only last for 2,000 hours. As governments across the globe are promoting energy efficiency it will be harder to get these bulbs as more and more manufacturers are turning away from incandescent bulbs to focus on energy efficient bulbs.

Halogen lights

Halogen_lightsThe halogen bulb is widely known as a downlighter bulb that often features in many bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms across the globe. These lights contain a tiny amount of halogen gas which illuminates when the bulb is switched on through a chemical reaction that occurs between the filament and the gas. These bulbs are often associated with overheating as heat is gathered on the surface close to the filament. As a result of this home owners are advised to have additional fire protection in place to reduce fire risks.

Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent_bulbsFluorescent lights are commonly recognized as fluorescent strips which are often seen in offices, garages and sometimes in older kitchens. These lights work with mercury vapour which works with fluorescence to produce the light. These bulbs are slightly more expensive than incandescent bulbs as they need a mechanism known as ballast to regulate the current across the whole area or the tube. As the light is regulated it does not heat up meaning that it can last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs.

LED bulbs

LED_bulbsLED bulbs or light emitting diode bulbs are the most recent bulb on the market and they are believed to be the best bulb on the market as they are set to replace all bulbs in the future. The LED bulb is known to last up to fifty times longer than a standard bulb therefore making them more appealing to the home owner as they would not have to replace the bulbs often. The only downfall to the LED is that it is more expensive than other bulbs but it is expected that as the years go on the prices will fall as they become more common.