There comes a time when everyone has to tackle window maintenance and whether it is a simple clean or a much needed overhaul, there can be a lot of effort involved.

However, clean, tidy and well maintained, windows can make a huge difference to the ambiance and appeal of a property and so it is important to take the time to keep them in top notch condition.

Window Dressing

Window Dressing

Though a window’s primary purpose is to protect against bad weather, there are many stylish ways to furnish and dress these essential features of the home. Lush and beautiful curtains that are carefully coordinated with the room can create a lavish and elegant feel to any space. Alternatively, using shutters can add instant attraction to a home, both inside and out. Shutters come in a huge variety of colours and materials and can be used to reduce glare and filter sunlight, allowing anyone to get the perfect light in their home. However, all of these furnishings need the appropriate care to keep them looking their best, which is where a few handy tips can be of assistance.

Window Frame

Window Frame

Before tackling window additions, it is important to first check that the window itself is in a good state of repair. Wooden windows and sills can be particularly vulnerable to weather damage and though they can look beautiful, it is essential to give them proper care and attention. The entire window area should be checked for rotten wood and loose fittings to ensure that it is as secure as possible. Time should also be taken to open and close windows, checking that they seal properly and that locks are in proper working order. If anything is found to be wrong at this stage, it is best to bring in a professional tradesman to repair or replace damaged parts.

Painting window frame

Paint and Cleaning

After the window frame has been inspected, care should be taken to apply a fresh coat of colour, using sandpaper to first remove cracked old paint before reapplying a new coat. After the paint has thoroughly dried it is the ideal time to clean the windows, so the glass is sparkling clean.

Window Shutters


Once the actual window’s maintenance has been addressed, it is time to turn the attention to the furnishings. Curtains are relatively easy to clean and can be dabbed with a sponge or taken to a dry cleaner. Shutters may also need some maintenance; exterior ones simply require a scrub from top to bottom before rinsing off with a hosepipe. Interior shutters may need a little more care and will need to be carefully dusted, using a vacuum cleaner, before individually sponging each individual shutter with soapy water.

Windows can have a huge effect on how a home looks and feels, so ensuring that the glass is sparkling and the furnishings are clean is important. By lightly dusting and cleaning shutters on a regular basis, the maintenance workload can be reduced.

By taking the time to keep windows in full working order, owners can ensure that their homes and rooms are always looking their best.