Every bedroom needs a touch of personality that expresses likes, hobbies and excitement for life.

Bringing this dash of fun to the bedroom’s design can make all the difference in its atmosphere and create a warm, inviting environment.

But how do you go about adding fun elements and ideas to your bedroom? Take a look at 5 design methods that can help you create a fun bedroom!


Fun Furniture Options

When it comes to adding a hint of fun design to a bedroom, sometimes all it takes is a unique piece of furniture. For example, beanbags are the perfect accessory to invoke a comfortable but entertaining atmosphere in the room, especially if they are large or uniquely-shaped beanbag designs.

Themed furniture is also charming, especially if it portrays a facet of your personality or hobby. This sort of furniture tends to be featured amply in children’s bedrooms, but there’s no reason why an adult can’t have a superhero-inspired night table as well. Of course, it’s all about selecting an appropriate piece of furniture that looks like a good fit for an adult’s bedroom.

Unusual Beds

Some people really think outside the box by placing a unique and unusual bed in their bedroom. From beds that look like birds’ nests to beds that have you feeling like you’re sleeping on a book, creativity knows no bounds when it comes to interior design and furniture.

We’re not all going to place hamburger-shaped beds in our bedroom, but we can still amp up the design level of the bed. Whether it’s creating a headboard that stands out, or buying colorful, entertaining bed spreads and sheets, there’s always something that can be done to create an impression of fun. Since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, even placing bolder sheets can make a significant impact to the bedroom’s look!

Fun Wall Patterns & Design

Aiming away from the usual bland wall colors of white and cream can make a world of difference to the ambience of a bedroom. Brighter colors can affect your emotions and elicit a more energetic feeling. However, when it comes to painting the walls, it’s best to stay away from creating a situation that ‘screams’ color and brightness to a level that becomes aesthetically uncomfortable. After all, the bedroom should still remain as a haven for sleep and rest.

The way around this is to play with colors in patterns and by alternating paint colors between walls. For example, one wall can be neon green, while the one next to it could be a darker green with a beautiful pattern of brighter colors on top. The pattern should not be overwhelming to the eyes but work harmoniously with the color of the brighter wall.

Accessorize the Walls

There are infinite ways to accessorize your bedroom’s walls to instill a sense of fun into the room. Whether you purchase accessory pieces, go the DIY route and create your own crafts, place picture frames with a variety of entertaining pictures, or use other types of interesting accessories, you can really go all out by adding a few interesting pieces to your walls.

One of the best ways to find inspiration is to go through Pinterest boards collecting fun bedroom designs. You can find any type of design, colors, DIY tutorials and unique ideas that may be just what you’re looking for.

Add Small Decorative Touches

It’s not necessary to go all out with changes to your bedroom’s design. After all, it’s not always possible to refurnish the room or paint the walls. Sometimes, we are bound by rental contracts or budgets, and need to think smaller. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that creativity must be limited.

From lamps to small figurines, to other affordable and smaller decorative pieces, we can add a touch of fun to the bedroom even within limitations. A dose of inspiration is easy to find by looking through sites like LionsHome or other stores selling decorative accessories, or alternatively on sites like Houzz.com, that feature interior designers’ masterpieces and ideas.

Even a fun bowl on the night table or interesting chandelier can make all the difference in the impression your room gives. It’s all about expressing your personality through interesting focal points.