No matter what style your home is, curtains are a must have accessory for any window in your home.

Not only does it add a nice flare to any room, but also works to prevent sun darkness or heat to enter your room.

Wondering what type of curtains will work best for your home or room styles? Check out these five types of different curtains for your home:

Eyelet curtainsEyelet Curtain

Eyelet curtains typically are floor length and feature soft pleats throughout the center. On top, you’ll find metal edged holes in which a curtain rod may be put. Eyelet curtains are popular in many homes and have two panels, one on each side. These curtains can also be tied back or let loose, and are usually great for larger windows. Eyelet curtains are versatile however, and come in many different colors and styles.

Thermal CurtainsThermal curtains

If you want to reduce the amount of electricity being used¬† to heat or cool areas of your home, thermal curtains are wonderful. Thermal curtains have special linings that insulate against temperature changes and help reduce the amount of heat coming into the home on hot days or from escaping when you’re attempting to warm your home.¬† They tend to be heavy, and pleated ones offer the best insulation from the cold.

Door curtainsDoor Curtains

Door curtains are placed among many styles of doors to prevent from any light getting in, as well as adding a nice design. Door curtains are very versatile, in that they come in hundreds of different fabrics, designs and styles and really don’t have a limit to what they can look like. They’re simply curtains for your doors that will change the look of your entrance.

Lined CurtainsLined Curtains

Many people choose lined curtains for the home because they last much longer than unlined curtains. In addition, the lining protects from any heat getting into the home. These curtains are best for hot climates or the summer time. Lined curtains really add a beautiful enhanced and fancy look to any home and also offer many different lighting effects if you want to darken or lighten your room.

Pencil pleat curtainsPencil Pleated Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are traditional curtains with pleating that have been found in homes even hundreds of years ago. The pencil pleat part of the curtain is at the top, where it is folded. They typically extend 3 inches from the top. This type of curtain is usually heavy and has the traditional pole method for hanging.

These five different types of curtains are all great for homes who want protection and a beautiful appearance. Check each style out and pick the one that makes your home stand out!