When you are trying to choose the right sofa for your living room, there are several factors to consider. A major factor is the size of your living room; if you have a small living room you want to maximize space in the room by purchasing a small or medium-sized sofa that also has built-in storage capabilities.

You should also consider the overall décor of the living room – the sofa shouldn’t blend in too much with the wall colors in the living room.

Which Sofas Work Well For Large Living Rooms?

If you have a large living room, a leather sofa is a good choice because it matches the large space in the room and it is more durable than other sofas. Full-grain leather sofas are the best leather sofas because of their softness. If you do not like leather sofas, you can place a medium-sized futon or day bed in the living room, which would be great for guests who visit. Sectional sofas are also popular for large living rooms.Couch-in-living-room

Measure the Space Where the Sofa Will Be Placed

If you want to pick the right sofa for your living room then it is important that you measure the space where the sofa will be placed; this will determine which size is the most appropriate. Watch a few online videos on measuring the space of a living room for sofas. Some home improvement stores also have brochures on this topic.

Avoid Boldly Colored Sofas

You may be tempted to purchase a very loud sofa for the living room. But this is not a good idea because when you renovate the living room and repaint the walls, the colour of the sofa may clash with the new wall colour. It is better to buy a living room sofa in neutral colours, such as brown, white, black or tan. Remember, you can always put colourful pillows or throws on it to liven the space up!

Consider the Fabric of the Sofa

When looking for a good living room sofa you want to think about the fabric. Look for a sofa that is made of tweed fabric and that has several neutral tones in it because this fabric is durable and hides tough stains well. If you prefer eco-friendly sofas, choose a bamboo or wooden sofa.

Think About Your Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get the right sofa for your living room, because many furniture stores have impressive discounts on great sofas. Compare these discounts by visiting different furniture stores; you can also ask friends for recommendations on the best-priced stores for sofas.

Finally, check out thrift stores and flea markets for bargain finds, or you can check out the quality sofas from AHF.